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This is Abs, in comments:

I am pulling my hair out trying to decide [whether] to get a discounted 2007 or a 2008! I do want the new styling (eye brow light effects, grill, etc), but do not know if the the$4-7K (w/ respective options) difference between the two years is justifiable. This will be my first NEW car, and hopefully a start of a long Saab partnership.

I’d suggest that at a $4K difference, it’d be worth holding out for the 2008. At $7K it might be a bit harder to justify.

The 2007 is apparently an improvement over the 2006 in terms of rattles that may develop. The 2008 is definitely a quieter ride than the 2007 (it’s that killer quiet package, see) and personally, I think the new look, combined with the enhanced drive is worth a buck or two.

But at $7K that’s a somewhat harder case to make.

Your thoughts?

Whatever you do, Abs, please let us know.


Saab owners behaving badly – part 1

A CRAZED driver grabbed a cricket bat from his boot and launched a violent assault on another motorist in a terrifying road rage attack.

The culprit chased his petrified victim around his car and, when he couldn’t catch him, smashed a window…..

….An eyewitness told how the thug’s dark-coloured Saab had been in front of a black Mercedes when the row started at a mini-roundabout outside the store.

And what’s worse, the victim had his wife and kids in the car and they were showered with glass when the window was smashed.

Saab owners behaving badly – part 2

Police today identified Jaime Gutierrez as the man who allegedly shot another person and dropped him off with fatal wounds at the Ingleside police station on Wednesady afternoon, San Francisco police Sgt. Steve Mannina.

Gutierrez, 31, of San Francisco was arrested and is facing one count of homicide and one count of felony possession of a firearm.

Around 1:47 p.m. Thursday officers were alerted to a report of gunfire and a man with a gun at 23rd and Shotwell streets, near South Van Ness Avenue, police Sgt. Neville Gittens said.

A red Saab was reported at the scene, Gittens said. Officers responded and found evidence of a shooting, but no victims.

Later, at 3:12 p.m., officers at the San Francisco Police Department’s Ingleside area station noted a red Saab entering the police vehicle lot. Responding outside they saw a driver and a passenger with a fatal gunshot wound, Gittens said.

I thought we were a more respectable lot than this.

Please leave your anger at the door when getting into your Saab.


What kind of fuel are you using in your Saab?

Mark Phelan from the Detroit Freep has written a piece on the surprising number of non-exclusive cars that require or recommend the use of premium unleaded fuel, which typically costs around 20 cents per gallon more according to Phelan.

This can jack your tank price up around 2 dollars or so a shot, or a while $240 a year – apparently that’s around half a car payment for an average vehicle.

So…..half a car payment or the better performance, economy and engine wear of premium fuel?

For the record, I use premium (98 octane) in the Viggen and 95 octane in the 9000. The 98 stuff was definitely a noticeable improvement when I first started using it in the Viggen. I didn’t notice much of a dent in the fuel economy, but there was an initial feeling of slightly improved response.

So what do you use and why?


What’s cooler about this road test story?


What would you do if a friend handed you the keys to his Ford GT for a no-holds-barred, six-hour period?

Or this?

Finally, he hands me the key, issues a best of luck and then disappears in his other car, a 1973 Saab Sonnett, the off-kilter sound of the V4 echoing off the parking garage walls.

Sure, driving the GT would be pretty amazing, but there’s something megacool about picturing a smiling motoring editor leaving that supercar behind to take off in his Sonett III.

Thanks Raj

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  1. It’s strange that they always report what brand of car’s that was involved. Never ever see that in the Swedish press. Here, we are obsessed with the age of people. 🙂

  2. 93 octane is premium here. I use it in my Saab, because if I don’t, I get worse mileage, and my performance drops off like crazy. My 900S starts behaving like my friend’s ’94 Honda Civic. Also, cheap gas eats up the engine and makes it sound like crap.

    Also, I remember that there was an episode of Scrubs where some guy in a black 9-3 vert parked his car in the ambulance lane in front of the hospital and then acted like a jerk about it.

    I think the make of the car always gets reported here because us Americans are generally interested in that type of thing. Car culture and all that.

  3. I use E-10. I like using home grown ethanol. I don’t notice any increased power or reduced mileage and i have no great interest in price differential.

    I use the 98 or 100 ron stuff in the 6er as it runs as rough as on anything of a lower rating. The 9-5 seems to run the same whatever i put in it. The trionic 7 would let you run it on dirty water i reckon.

  4. Premium – 93 octane.

    Remember — US pumps display the AVERAGE of RON and MON rather than simply RON as in Oz and the UK. Most of the time, the US pumps show a lower rating for the same knock resistance. That is, my 93 octane will be labelled as 98 octane in the UK.

    Just a little techie talk to brighten your day.

  5. Interesting – I have not even put gas in my car yet – but my sales girl told me they put 89 octane in all new deliveries, and that is what she puts in her 9-3. So there is 89 in my 9-3 right now.

    The owners manual (American) says the car needs no more than 90 octane… Hmmm… The owner’s manual also says no wide open throttle or running the engine over 5000rpm for the first 1800 miles of driving – that is killing me for the record.

    Octane is basically a measure of how volatile fuel is (or when it self ignites) under the forces of compression (influenced by boost pressure, intake air temp etc.) in the cylinder. Which is to say for example – 87 octane would ‘self ignite’ at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and a 93 octane fuel would not ‘self ignite’ until lets say – 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

    There is no more stored energy in higher octane fuel, which seems to be a common misconception among my students where I teach.

    I need to get the SAAB software program for our Tech II scan tool and load it on the memory card. I could then watch how much knock the computer is hearing and how much it is retarding timing.

  6. Abs;
    If you’re a current Saab owner, there is $8000 in incentives for 2007 9-5s…have you considered this option?

  7. The first time i filled up my 9-5 aero I used 95 RON. I thought all premium petrols were the same. Petrol companies in Australia however have premium (95) and uber premium (98). I would never dream of using standard (91) petrol in an aero, I think it should be illegal to do so.

    I haven’t noticed any great difference because since that first tank I have always used 98 RON. With the right engine oil and 98 RON petrol I can do highway runs for 7.5L/100km or 38mpg, including the occasional 0-100 burst and spirited overtaking.

    The price of 98 doesn’t fluctuate as much as standard unleaded. It is not uncommon to see prices go up by 10-15c/L, and back down again in the same week, for standard unleaded. 98 is more stable, only varing by about half that amount.

  8. Only Sunoco Ultra 94 (as per Eggs’ reading). Costs a bit more, but I get vastly improved performance and (depending on how I drive) fuel economy.

  9. How much does gas cost in Australia right now? I’ve heard it costs twice as much in Europe as it does here in the US, but I have no idea about Oz.

  10. Re The first guy acting badly: The other car had a Mercedes, and you know how Mercedes owners think they own the road. I think the guy with the cricket bat was just explaining to him that he didn’t own the road. 😉
    Just joking of course.

  11. Jeff, in every state there is a low point in the week. Where I live this is Tuesday so I usually buy petrol then.

    I pay approximately $AUD 1.20 for a litre of 98 RON although I have paid as much as $1.30.

  12. That’s about $4.70 a gallon, for all my fellow non-metric-using friends. That’s pretty steep. Around here, the high-grade stuff is anywhere from $3.05 to $3.30 per gallon, which is about 80 Aussie cents per litre.

  13. In that part of London the criminal fraternity is rumoured to favour Saabs for their power and the belief that they are more discreet than pimp wagon mercs.

  14. Not many people commenting about the 07 vs 08, but I am on the fence with this too. I am going to buy either one this fall, and I am leaning towards the 08 right now, especially if there is the rumored 2,500 cash back.

    Don´t forget too, resale value should be more with the extra year as well as the new front end.

    I am on vacation in Sweden right now, and making an extra trip to Trollhattan tomorrow to see the MY08 in person. The factory tours are closed so I am hoping there are some on the lots or in a showroom somewhere….wish me luck!

  15. Just found this blog and have to say, it’s very entertaining

    The lease on my 06 A4 2.0TQ Avant is up soon, and I went today to look at a Saab. I’ve always thought of them as neat cars, since they are certainly “rare” and a bit quirky in their own right. Drove the Aero Combi today (an 07 black auto) and I have to say, I came away impressed. Very quick for a daily driver, and a very nice, sporty suspension feel. Seats were noticeably more comfy than those in my Audi too. The deals on the 07’s seem pretty nice as well. I didn’t even negotiate a single aspect (was just looking) and the dealer I was at quoted nothing down (just sales tax) and around $465 a month for a manual transmission car with everything but navigation, for 37 months with 15k a year. Who knows if negotiating gets me any better but I was definitely interested.

    Anyway, at the risk of rambling, does anyone have any insider info as to the lease programs on an 08? Also, can anyone here offer any realworld opinion of the 2.0T vs the Aero? This is a daily driver for me (I have a modded 350Z for fun time) and while I love having the rarer model, it seemed to be a pretty big difference in price between the Aero and 2.0T.

    By the way…dealer was North Shore Saab in I think Roslyn, or Great Neck NY. The gentleman there was very helpful, tossing me the keys to drive the Aero without hesitation and telling me to “have fun”. Very low pressure too, which was nice (for a change, for a dealer!)

  16. ajb,

    Good sales experience/comparo there, thanks for your insight.


    For the record I use 98RON (BP) in the Sportcombi and Boost98 (10% ethanol from United) in the 9000 Anni. The Boost98 is about 10% cheaper than the BP stuff but have a fuel card for the Sportcombi so must use BP. Happy with both fuels. The economy with 98RON is great, especially in the 9-3 (6.9l/100km on the flat at 110 on cruise). The 9000’s economy is not too good but that’s because I wring its neck all the time, bloody lazy engine (170hp) with a very un-Saab torque curve (max at 3300rpm). Next week the CSE (200hp, max torque at 1800) computer goes in and will be very interested to see the change to performance and economy.

  17. I think ajb’s comments might warrant a post of their own. I’m sure there’d be a dealer checking in that’d be willing to share some lease details if it helps win over an Audi driver from the dark side.

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