Swedish sales data – June 2007

What an interesting month June was for Saab sales.

The Saab 9-5 was the second best selling vehicle in Sweden last year, due mainly to the presence of BioPower. Earlier this year, the 9-5 dropped to fourth place, with the 9-3 taking second due to the introduction of BioPower in that vehicle line.

The 9-5 is still losing sales to the 9-3, but it’s actually crept UP the list into third place due to the V50 tanking.

The chart below will explain it all.

To the numbers, then….

Saab Sweden sold 1,319 units of the 9-3 in June, which was a 15% rise over June last year. So far in 2007, they’ve sold 6,530 units of the 9-3, which is up nearly 10% over the 5,948 units sold in Jan-Jun last year.

Saab sold 923 units of the 9-5 during June, which is a huge fall of 35.36% from sales in June 2006. This is, of course, primarily due to th availability of BioPower in the 9-3 range. The thing that’s stopping it tanking completely is that the 9-5 wagon is still a larger car than a 9-3 SportCombi, and it’s the only vehicle in that larger class with BioPower available.

Here’s the table. Click to enlarge:


As you can see, the chart shows that the V50 has dropped down into fourth place, possibly losing sales to the BioPower 9-3 as well as the 9-5. The interesting thing to look at is the YTD and monthly trends for models in the top 10. Half of them are falling significantly compared to last year’s sales.

There’s a few smaller cars making up some ground and many of the larger cars are seeing double-digit falls. The Swedes still love their bigger wagons, but the smaller cars are coming – slowly but surely.

FYI, the Ovlov C30 sold 378 units and was 20th on the list. Not huge.

FYI2, ctm tells me there were 7 Cadillacs and 6 Hummers sold in June.


Thanks ctm and Vector220

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  1. Interesting to see how different markets work and it comes back to their love for big estates. It aslo explains why the V70 is launched before the S60.
    I would also love to know why the A4 is selling so strongly. By all logic sales should be falling – it is due for replacement late this year I think. It is not espescially loved by the press either.

  2. Maybe they have big incentives were you get a lot of car for your money?

    Audi has a good reputation in Sweden.

  3. Company car sales are a big factor in Sweden. Audi can offer mid to large size wagons with good TDI engines… diesel sales have increased -alot- the last 18 months.

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