That blue 99 from Kinnekulle

UPDATE: Uffi looked up the registration for this car and it shows a 129kW engine, definitely not standard!

Further to that, it looks like Matti might have found a page for this car on Garaget. If it’s the right one (there’s no image of the licence plate there, but I think it is the right one) then it gives a few more details about it, including the disclosure that it is indeed a 16 valve 2.0 litre turbo.

Great stuff.


Here’s a short film I put together of a blue Saab 99 that took many, many people by surprise at the Kinnekulle track day at the Saab Festival last month (was it only last month?)

This has got to be the ultimate sleeper. Only the wheels and tyres would ever give it away. I saw it in the lineup and didn’t really expect too much. But I have to say that the time this car spent on the track was the best 10 minutes I had all day.

Unfortunately from the vantage points that I had, I could only get snippets at a time and it was a few laps into this group’s session before I realised how brilliantly this car was running.

I don’t know what this 99 had under the hood, but it certainly isn’t standard kit. If anyone knows any details (and I have a feeling someone will) then please fill us in.


And finally, may I say that I mean no disrespect at all to anyone else on the track with the titles I’ve put with this video. This car was flying!

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  1. According to swedish registration information, available online, it has a 129kW engine, which makes me belive it is a 16 valve 2.0 litre turbo engine.

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