Thursday night fever

HI all,

Regular visitors may note that things have been a bit sporadic here this week. I’ve been away (still am) so preparing and scheduling posts has been a bit of a challenge as I’ve been very busy and had limited web access. Hopefully you haven’t been too bored.

It’s 8pm and tonight I’m meeting the Mrs for a nice dinner and much deserved night out. So there won’t be any posting ’til tomorrow and I’ll be killed if I bring up the possibility of doing otherwise.

Here’s a couple of things to keep you thinking though….


Here’s a quick SportCombi review, based in Colorado. Not bad:

Saab — weird, and still proud of it. Or would you rather be driving a Buick Lesabre?


And here’s a quick biography of a famous Saab rally driver.

Some say his family tree can be traced back to, and includes, the dinosaurs – and that what’s left of his hair contains a cure for cancer.

All we know is that he’s called…….The Stig.


I heard this morning that Saab USA are planning on dealer cash in the order of around $2500 on the MY08 9-3 and the rest of the 08 Saab range, right from the get-go.

Sound strange to you?

My only thought as to why this might be is that incentives on the 9-5 and 9-7x are likely to remain quite high, bringing them right into 9-3 territory. This cash may be needed to maintain the gap.

I’m still trying to find out what this dealer cash means, as well. Whether that’s a discretionary thing that delaers can pass on, or not.

Stay tuned.


A few people have written to me in the last few days about the Kia concept car that’s going to be bowing in Frankfurt. These lights seem to shape the car a little like the Aero-X.

Aside from that of course, it looks absolutely rediculous. Like a pair of chubby cheeks that you want to go and pinch.

Kia Stupid car


Another concept car also popped up on my radar, courtesy of a link from Brian F. Interestingly, this was dreamed up by a Swedish company called Paulin and whilst it’s a little different, you can clearly see that they’ve also re-thought the traditional roof/door thing with some influence from Saab’s concept:

paulin Aero-X


Congratulations to Ted, who’s recently joined the Saab family after some input through his workplace and some pricing advice from readers at this site.

Ted’s picked up a V6 9-3 SportCombi. And yes, I’m jealous.


So you like honeycomb….

How do you feel about fibre?

Carbon fibre.


That’s all for now. To all those who have emailed and not received a reply, I’ll be back in town tomorrow and hope to get all that taken care of then. Thanks for your patience and your input, which is always appreciated.

Please scroll down and read Jon’s great Saab vs BMW piece. I’m off to get a good steak.

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  1. If 20 post in 3 days is called sporadic, then I don’t know what… 🙂 You deserve a nice night out with Mrs.!

  2. from the sportcombi review:

    “_…new 9-3 SportCombi — Saab’s goofy name for a wagon….” — (not artfully put, but true. or maybe the term, “combi” is to woo the german/euro market.)

    “Saab’s steering feel is still admittedly light compared to other front-wheel drive automobiles and there’s an ample dose of torque steer….” — (well then, bring on the xwd!)

    “Overall body design is still sexy despite the wagon shape….” — (yeah, i’m still trying to warm to it, myself. please bring back the hatch.)

    “Saab — weird, and still proud of it. Or would you rather be driving a Buick Lesabre? (again, not artfully put, but true.)

    “Saab truly continues to hold a steady position as purveyor of that ever-so-curious and uniquely Continental automobile style.” — (yes! and, hopefully, with the next-gereration saabs, that “position” will expand.)

  3. re the paulin rv concept:

    i don’t know about the “dirt magnet” white leather seats and dash, but craft some side mirrors (with integrated turn signals) and it’s a winner; especially since it pays attention to keeping the overhang at a reasonable minimum (a la, the 9-3x concept).

  4. Saab9X: I thought that “Combi” was pretty commonly used in Britain and Europe, but during one of the stages of the Tour de France telecasts here in the U.S. on Versus (channel) one of the two British commentators was reading from a teleprompter about the sweepstakes ongoing.

    The grand prize is a Cervélo bicycle and 9³ Sport Combi. But he said “combo” instead of “combi”. I don’t know if I’m reading too much into it and he just mis-read it or if whomever wrote the script mistyped it, but I thought it seemed at the time like it said “combi” but to him he figured it must be a typo and changed it to “combo” to mean the bundling of the bike and car.

    But then again, in Britain they call it an “estate”, right? So maybe “combi” did seem foreign to him.

    But “combi” isn’t any weirder than calling a car body style “Avant” or “shooting brake”, IMHO. 🙂

    I like the white leather seats in the BioPower 100 concept. I thought they looked really sharp. As far as whether they’d be a dirt magnet or not, you’re probably right.

  5. Gripen: Technically, all CF is functional, as it lightens the car (if it’s replacing something and isn’t just tacked on). But it usually just looks stupid, I agree :p

    Also, I kinda like the Kia concept’s lights. I can’t wait for Hyundai/Kia’s RWD cars, I’m anxious to see if they’re really any good.

  6. Jeff: I mean that the reason the carbon fiber was used was for function, not aesthetic. There is way too much carbon fiber appliqué out there on the market and I don’t see how a carbon fiber dash fascia lightens your car. It’s primarily for aesthetic purposes. It’s like those guys who mod their Civics by installing a carbon fiber fuel filler door… 😮

    While I give Rinspeed brownie points for tricking-out that 9⁵ Wagon, and I really don’t like the chrome surrounds on the standard 9⁵ headlights, I thought it looked incredibly cheesy to replace it with carbon fiber. Was that just a carbon fiber pattern texture or real carbon fiber? If real, how much of a difference to the car’s overall performance does the weight difference between the “chrome” surrounds and the carbon fiber ones make? Not much, I’d surmise. Just seems gimmicky to me. Ten years from now I’m guessing the carbon fiber look won’t look classic it’ll look dated. By then maybe they’ll make everything out of carbon fiber but paint/texture it to look like wood or something! 😉

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