Top Gear get all eco in the (old) Saab 9-3

There’s a pretty good chance that some of you will have seen this before, but regardless….

It’s a little wierd watching this. Not only are they doing a Saab ‘review’ on Top Gear, which is strange enough itself, they’re doing it in a 2006 9-3. Even more than that, they’re doing it from a ‘green’ perspective but as it’s a 2006 model (at the latest) it’s not a BioPower version.

Damn these late YouTube uploads!!

Mind you, if it was a BioPower version I’m sure we would have got vision of it running out of E85 between filling stations due to the lack of availability and lower mileage, so maybe it’s just as well.

I’ll leave you all to hear their verdict on the car. This review’s just as much about driving ‘green’ as it is about the 9-3, so it’s far from thorough.



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  1. J,

    I appreciate the link, but that’s something I’d prefer to receive via email as it has nothing to do with the post at hand. Maybe I’m going to have to review allowing html in comments…..

  2. It is very old 🙂

    Look at the Car’s Reg number it starts with 52, which means it’s fro second half (September) of 2002.

    UK Reg system is easy to decipher :).

  3. I confirm that episode was first aired on 1 December, 2002
    One of the presenter, Jason Dawe, was only present during the 2002 season.

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