Tour de Saab

1985 Gripen’s just let me know that Saab are sponsoring some TV coverage of the 2007 Tour de France and running a booty-ful competition as well. I’m not a huge cyclist, but I have vivid memories of Kraftwerk’s Tour de France back in the 80s. So here we go….

Saab Tour de FranceThe competition is called “Fly to the Finish” and it’s being run in conjunction with Bicycling Magazine, Cervélo bikes, and Versus, a cable channel in the US that’s covering the Tour.

The competition began on July 7 and runs through to July 29. You have to obtain a keyword for your entry and then register for the competition. Keywords are available from several sources: Bicycling Magazine, by watching coverage of the Tour on Versus TV, or from literature that should be available at your local participating Saab dealer (incl free copies of Bicycling Magazine’s August issue, while stocks last). The TV coverage gives out a different keyword every day and you can put one entry in for each keyword that you gather.

What’s the payoff?

Aside from the marketing materials you’re sure to get in your inbox, there’s also a chance to win a 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0T SportCombi plus a Cervélo bike, which must be good bikes as they’re valued at $5,400.

You can enter the competition here. US residents only (sob sob).

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  1. Cervélo is one of four American-based bicycle companies providing bikes to teams in the Tour this year (the other three being Specialized, Cannondale, and Trek (which was Lance Armstrong’s team’s bike)). I wish it were a SAAB Everywhere Bike, but at $5400 I could sell the Cervélo and buy FOUR Everywhere Bikes! 🙂 Then I could cart it around inside the SportCombi I won without having to lower the rear seat or buy a roof rack as it folds-up. 😮

  2. Hey hey HEY! Don’t forget about Felt and team slipstream. Theyre in it now too yea? :).

    I gonna say I like mr. vroomen and white and would prefer a Cervelo vs. trek specialized or cracknfail… Mwuhahaha my bike dream. cervelo r3 w/ 3-4 sets of zipp’s :). One def built up with powertap.

  3. Give me that sportcombi!

    I am playing to win!

    I want it! my dream saab (as in current line-up dream saab, future dream saab is the blackturbo of course!)

  4. Saaboy: the only reason I know that is while I was watching re-run of the Tour last night (when I wrote that comment) they asked before the commercial break, “which bicycle manufacturers providing bicycles to this year’s race were originally started as American companies” or something like that. Those other manufacturers you mention either are not American or are not in the race.

    eggsngrits: Kraftwerk introduced me to the wonderful world of the pocket calculator. ;-P

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