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S-s-s-something from the comments….

It’s taken a few years, but I got my first genuinely nasty comment here tonight. This was posted by “Pure Saabist” on the article posted showing the pictures of damage to my Viggen:

Maybe you could grovell for some ‘donations’ to repair, like for your trip to Sweden


A tip for the future – grovel only has one “l” in it. If anyone else is feeling the same, please let me know.


Ethanol’s still in its infancy, even in Sweden, but it’s making progress and that progress is measurable. This news from The Local:

Sales of E85 in June were 10,600 cubic metres, an increase of 71 percent compared to June 2006. Last month was the first time that sales of the fuel passed the 10,000 cubic metre mark. Sales of diesel fell by 1.4 percent in June, although so far this year sales of the fuel are up 3.7 percent compared to the same period last year.

Petrol sales were down 5.1 percent in June this year compared to June 2006. Over the first six months of the year, sales of petrol were down 1.6 percent on the same period last year. Ulf Svahn, CEO of SPI, said the poor summer weather was part of the reason for the fall.

Increasing sales and Saab leading the market where ethanol’s concerned. A fortuitous combination.


I haven’t seen a Saab press release for this yet, but several European outlets are running this story on new accessories available from Saab Great Britain.

There’s a new integrated Bluetooth kit for 2001+ 9-5s and 2003+ 9-3’s.

There’s also two new portable Nav units being pushed, the Pogo Alert and the Pogo Drive. Both do your usual satnav stuff as well as speed camera and blackspot alerts, with the Drive unit adding touchscreen functionality.

Finally, there’s some new lockable storage units for you to bung on your roof.

I’d imagine details should be up on the Saab GB website soon.


Whilst reading the ethanol story at The Local, I clicked through to one of their sponsors – Typical Swedish. They sell Sweden-inspired products and have a “Swedish Facts” page on the site. Amongst the many interesting little tidbits there, there’s a possible insight into the Raggare subculture:

By the early 1900s, 1.2 million Swedes had emigrated to USA. Today there are about 10 million people of Swedish heritage in the USA.

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  1. Maybe they mean this?


    it has been provided in the US Saab accessories catalog for a while now. I was considering getting it, but its not really integrated as much as it is a 3rd party device, and I don’t like having lose devices that don’t fit the flow of the interior of my car.

    If there is a new fully integrated system that doesn’t stick out like an eyesore in the car, I might just get it.

  2. Re: grovel
    I’m not feeling like that. You were there for all of us and I was glad to offer some small support. I’m sure I’m with the majority opinion here.

  3. Swade:

    This “pure saabist” makes me embarassed, and I think most of the readers feel the same way. Nobody HAD to give you anything, so I don’t see the problem. If anything, I think many of us owe you a little something for all the work you put into this blog. Don’t think more about that comment 🙂

  4. I always wonder how Swade can keep the site full of fresh Saab informations, pictures, etc. I’m the editor of a weekly or sometimes bi-weekly newsletter of a Hungarian Saab club. It feels a very hard job even to try something on every week what Swade do every day for the Saab community. Also, most of my informations I receive from Trollhattansaab.net.
    It’s a shame if anybody takes biting comments regarding Swade’s travel and the donation.
    As we could see, in one hand it was a pleasure for him, but in the other hand it was a service for us, he posted the most detailed and up to date informations about Trolhattan, the festival and the new 9-3.
    No any other resources in the world could do that.
    It came natural to support his service what he did for Saabists to keep us informed.

  5. Take no notice of this person and their issues.

    You went, you worked, you were reluctant to ask anyone for dosh, you finally did so with our encouragement – its all in the archives

    Forget the comment- and move on to the sunlight uplands you deserve mate.

  6. One more vote that Pure Saabist does not reflect the views of those of us who read your blog every day. There is no way any of us could have gather that data you pulled from your trip. If I trusted all the servers on the internet more, I would have slid you a few U$D. Everyone ELSE appreciates the work you do on our behalf. Now, about those yet to be posted Black Turbo pics….. My Combi lease is up in Dec 2008, so I WILL be ready…

  7. i was looking for more context with “pure saabist’s” comment. there is none. nothing to explain the vitriol. nor is there a link to a better saab blog. obviously, s/he cannot comprehend the value of your work. any donations you receive can only be but a mere pittance, which, by the way, represents a “kings ransom” over the value of said comment.

  8. Swade, I immensely enjoyed the material you posted from the Saab Festival – you did a good job of giving everyone a real slice of what it must have been like to be there. The photos, the video, and the information that came out of that trip were well worth the modest contribution towards your expenses. IMHO.

  9. Everything has been said already – I hope this “pure saabist” is having second thoughts about his comment.

  10. As a fellow Australian I will have no qualms in helping especially when there is a genuine cause. It’s in our nature to do so and part of our culture. In the case of Swade I will gladly help to get his Vigg on the road, any time. If anyone has a cringe for his trip to Sweden and the fact that donations were extended any such person does not belong in our community. If anything it’s jealousness and envy that is coming out of this statement. I’ll do it again for Swade any time as he deserves every penny we can all donate. Pure Sabbist grow up !!!

  11. Swade, don’t think about the comments from Pure Saabist. We who supported your trip to Sweden did that from the bottom of our hearts, and we owe you alot because of your great efforts keeping this community so alive.
    Sorry to read about your off road driving with Viggen. I know how you feel (remember my garage ‘trauma’?) I am wishing both you and your Viggen all the best.

  12. I actually agree with Pure Saabist. I’ve seen you grovel in the flesh and it’s sickening!!! Do you hear me!!!!

    ps – just got an email from BSR…. it’s ready!!!
    just one problem, I’m 350 Km’s away at my parents farm!!! Noooooooooooooooo

  13. Adding to the comments above, “Pure Saabist” is simply mistaken. Looking back through the archives, there is no evidence of anything but us *wanting* to give you money. I for one would be willing to contribute via a donate button on the site (whether or not you want to, I would). Those of us who have spent any real time here at all just know better.

  14. You guys just don’t get it. Somebody adopts a psuedonym “Pure Saabist” and begins an attack on Swade…

    of course it’s Steve Shannon, retribution has begun! Plenty more where that came from.

    Swade will come to regret his cynical reportage on this new Saab power-player.

  15. turbin:
    Wow, way to aim high! That’s an aweful big accusation to hurl at the big dawg…… ya know, I second that motion!

    I was thinking that Pure Saadist was, well, more local to our blog community. I had a suspicion it was eggsngrits!!! (j/k!)

    Or, maybe it’s Swade’s alter-ego?

    Whatever you are, don’t cower and be a fakie, it’s unbecoming.

  16. I contributed a little to your trip, and after all the info/pics/videos you posted, I felt like I did not give enough. I love your site and all the work you put into it. Pure Saabist is totally in the minority with his opinion.

  17. Swade: What that horses-arse wrote was completely
    wrong. It must take much patience to take
    the high road and not
    publicly blast away. It’s obvious to me
    that that person does not realize the
    service you are doing for SAAB fans around
    the world.

    Longitude: W75.2, Latitude: N40.0

    PS: i’m guessing “Pure Saabist” drives a Kia.

  18. I’ll just echo what everyone else said, you provide an excellent service to SAAB fans with this blog. I was more than willing to buy a shirt to support your trip to Sweden and never felt that I was “pressured” to contribute anything.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. Thanks everyone, for the support. I had the feeling this was a one-off but you never know. Your thoughts are really appreciated and right now, mean more than you realise.

  20. I agree with everyone else.

    This site is very informative about everything Saab, and seeing that there is no membership fee here, it made perfect sense for users to contribute for the launch coverage. I just wish I had noticed, and contributed myself back when this was going on.

    Thank you for all the hard work Swade, and good luck getting that Viggen back in shape!

    Oh, and I really like the new site design. it is much easier to navigate than the old layout.


  21. Grovel my foot! Your critic should review the posts in which you humbly and I daresay reluctantly suggested you would accept donations for your Trollhättan trip…at the behest of a blog community member as I recall. Shame on “Pure Saabist.” Assuming he resides in the US like me, I’ll bet he throws pillows at his TV set during PBS fundraisers.

    We love you, Swade!

  22. Stiff upper lip, chin-up, shoulders back and best foot forward. More of where this came from please.

    And when can we buy window stickers of trollhattansaab.net?! Do make sure to give us the option to decide how much we wish to contribute towards them please!

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