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Mark it down, folks.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007.

The day the first production Saab 9-3 for the 2008 model year rolled off the production line. And here it is..

First Saab 9-3 SOP

Today the car went ‘SOP’, which I assume means ‘start of production’. All the cars driven by the press prior to now have been pre-production models. Looks to me like the first one off the line is an Sport Sedan in Snow Silver. Ship it to my place, please!!

People, your cars are rolling…..


CAR magazine have a little quiz going where you can put your automotive knowledge to the test. You get rated at the end of the quiz and like the guy from Autoblog (where I first spotted this) I’m going to have to admit that I didn’t do too well on my first try.

It’s a mix of racing, movies, stats and current model spotting, so go test yourself.


BMWsearchThe things people search for around here.

Click to enlarge if you like, but the highlighted section shows a search for “1986 BMW 325 stops runing [sic] when it gets hot outside why”

Because your car is crapola, buddy!!!!


And JP Yde writes in comments:

In a Belgian magazine , the MY08 9-3 was reviewed and in general positively rated, but the writer mentioned as ‘very negative’: ‘the terrible sound of the new diesel TTiD-engine’. Did you also notice?

JP, I spent the better part of an entire afternoon driving around in the TTiD and I can safely say that it sounded magnificent from inside the car. From the outside it still sounds like a tractor, but on the inside – a sweet symphony.

The TTiD has a twin exhaust setup and it really kicks. I’d been in a regular TiD convertible all that week with the roof up most of the time. I know the acoustic properties of a soft top are much different to a hard top, but the TTiD really did sound like a different beast all together.

I honestly can’t believe that I and that writer from Belgium were in the same car.

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  1. OT: Swade, has something gone wrong with your site. I’m suddenly getting fonts a half inch tall. I’ve tried both I.E and Firefox, same thing? Usually after going into comments.

  2. ..and after posting the above, things are back to normal. Should have asked via e-mail anyway. Sorry for the interruption.

  3. Just wondering though, did you mean to leave your email address off the new site? I couldn’t find it, but maybe you can’t afford to have it too visible.

  4. The quiz is actually quite easy if (like me) you read car magazine front to back every month.

    So really it’s a comprehension quiz rather than a general automotive knowledge quiz.

  5. Swade,

    Where did you get the photo and what was the official date and time that this vehicle rolled off? Your posting shows July 10th, 2007 which is incorrect for obvious reasons.

  6. July 10. Not a hard day to remember for me, as that’s my b-day…ha! Perfect day to get those fantastic cars rolling off the lines. Keep ’em going!! Maybe one day I’ll be fortunate enough to own one of those beaut’s myself…


    What Ted Y said- I hope you are still getting emails to your dodo account- I sent a couple to ya and hope they found their way. I’m not sending them to the wrong place am I?

  7. LOL! My dad has that exact same year and model BMW. And you’re right. That car IS crappola.

    I find it interesting someone wanted to learn the towing capacity of SAABs. The page which came up was apparently that post where you make the case that people who buy small 2WD SUVs would be better-off buying a SAAB wagon. I remember the towing capacity of SAABs is 3500 lbs, which is actually quite impressive. Must be the torquey engines.

    To be fair to the Belgian writer, he didn’t specify the noise whilst inside the car. Maybe he was referring to the “tractor-like” sound the diesel has from outside the car…

  8. Ryan, i’m fascinated as to why it’s so obviously wrong. The email I received was dated July 10 and said “Today is the day we go SOP”. I received it and wrote this on July 10, which I’m sure was yesterday and it’s now the 11th in my part of the world (as it will be in Sweden in around an hour). So please fill me in.

  9. Swade,

    Here are some open question for you because I don’t believe that on July 10th, the first 9-3 left the factory in Trollhattan.


    How did the photos arrive back on May 15th, 2007 of the new 9-3 in the press release photographs?

    * Those were real Saabs, presumably unless they were all just CG.

    Secondly, didn’t you test-drive one of the new 9-3s in Sweden on June 11th?

    * So how could the first new 9-3 be built a month later after they were out and about nearly 2-3+ months earlier or even earlier than that?

    Test/Development or otherwise, they are still REAL 9-3s that have been driven around prior to July 10th, so that date serves to be incorrect logically.

  10. Ryan, please read the post again. The ones driven by the press and photographed for the brochures etc were all pre-production models. This is the first production 9-3, meaning it’ll be available for sale, unlike the pre-production cars that were photographed for publicity. Those ones made prior weren’t cars that were produced for the retail market. The one in the photo is the first car produced when the line went SOP – start of production – meaning production for the consumer market.

    I don’t just make this stuff up, mate.

  11. Steven Wade,

    Okay, thanks for clarifying.

    When was the “first” that rolled out from the factory when the “design & development” process was considered to be complete before the models for “public consumption” came to be?

  12. So what happens to the pre-production cars, once the press introduction is over?

    Hopefully they don’t crush them, or something like that.

  13. Ryan, that’s a question I don’t the answer to, unfortunately. And Greg, that’s a question I’ll try and find out the answer to. It’d be interesting to know.

    Sad as it may seem, the crusher is a distinct possibility. Hopefully they go out as press cars, though. I just wonder if production models are subject to higher levels of long-term quality control, though. The pre-production models only have to make it through around 2 months of press and dealer exposure. Vehicles that are to be used for long-term press testing (i.e. from one media outlet to another) would want to be at production standard.

    I’ll try and find out.

  14. Swade, when I was at the ice experience I was told that all the cars we had were test cars and would never be sold to the public, they would be re-cycled. Maybe it’s the same here too.

  15. Hello Swade,
    thanks for your reaction on the negative quote for the sound of the new TTiD. A bit of a relief , time will tell … !

  16. Hi Swade, Love the Video of new 9-3 Aero XWD. and the photo of First 2008 9-3 rolling off the line.

    i’m in Sales for Saab in SoCal Ca.

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