UK sales data – June 2007

Sales data is in for the UK market in June 2007, and it wasn’t so good unfortunately.

Saab GB sold 2,417 vehicles during June, which was around 20% less than the 3,011 vehicles sold in the same month last year.

Year-to-date, Saab GB have sold 12,829 units, which is 2,045 vehicles or around 14% less than in 2006.


I have no proposed explanations for this fall in both the month and year at hand. Falls aren’t the exclusive domain of the UK market, but it’d be nice to have a feel for why.

Waiting for the new 9-3?


Any suggestions welcome in comments.


And I’d suggest anyone looking to boost sales go take a look at the free Hirsch upgrade to the 9-5 Aero.

Hubba Hubba.

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  1. I would think they are waiting for the new model. they can probably order it already, but a lot of people would rather wait and see a model in the showroom before comitting themselves. at least that’s the way it’s prgressing here. Inquiries on Saab have increased considerable in the last few weeks but everyone asks the same question ‘When will you have one for us to try out?’ so it’s probably the same there. Then again, it could just be the weather 🙂

  2. The dealers were told to stop accepting new orders for 9-3 vehicles about half way through June, and I think they have only now got the right product codes for MY08, this is why I think sales slumped a little.

    This time of year is typically slower for most anyway, the new registration comes out Sept 1st, so a lot of people hold out until they are certain of a Sept 1st registration.

  3. The explanation is RAIN. We had the wettest June for years, it rains no stop. And looks like it will continue into July and August.

    Not a good out look for summer impluse buy – convertibles.

  4. 08MY and Weather may be playing a part in the UK market slow-down. However; In recent years GM UK have been forcing the market. To a lot of people, year on year increasing registration figures have been a joy to see. But registering cars that don’t actually have customers is never good a brand as it has such a negative effect on residual values (key to a premium class brand) If people are paying good money for thier cars they don’t want it to be worth less than half that amount a year later!
    What we are seeing here is Saab GB turning down the heat. They are offering less vehicles to the ‘fleet market’ and there are also less so called ‘Pre-Reg’ Vehicles on the market too. This should help boost used car values and restore a more prestige image in the Saab brand.

    But if you do want the order a new 08MY vehicle but wish to trade you current car in now. Speak to your local dealer. Saab GB have a courtesy Car scheme running at present and that for a VERY small daily fee you can rent any brand new saab for a limited period until your new 08MY arrives. This offer also allows you the option to purchase the car you have been driving too.

  5. Apparently, Saab still have not provided product codes to UK dealers for the MY08 9-3.

    Come on Saab, what are you playing at?!?

    My current order is on hold until the model codes are sorted, but I can’t leave it on hold for ever.

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