US incentives coming 3rd July

UPDATED!! I was in error regarding the 9-5, which will be subject to $2,000 over-age cash. A screenshot has been posted below.


Stupid me. I had these incentives all written down ready to go two hours ago but they’ve now slipped my grasp so I’m having to write this from memory.

US dealers are currently loading their VINs into some whizz-bang GM software and the oldest vehicles in stock are going to be subject to some additionally hefty discounts during July and August.

The discounts will be announced July 3 (tomorrow, US time) but off the top of my head they were an additional $500 bonus cash for 9-3 vehicles, an additional $2,000 bonus cash for 9-5 vehicles and an additional $2,000 bonus cash for 9-7x vehicles.

Here’s the screenshot showing the added amounts:



Interestingly, I got an email from Tim in the US over the weekend saying that the SaabUSA website was showing some HUGE discounts on older stock. I wasn’t posting on the weekend though, and didn’t address it.

That turned out to be fortunate as I got another email from him about 12 hours later to say that the discounts were back to normal. Someone pushed a button too early, perhaps??

(UPDATE: one guy managed to take advantage of this error – click here!)

Anyway, this round of discounts is aimed at clearing out as much of the older stock as possible prior to the order process for the new 9-3 going online, which I assume will be in August.


PS. If the guy who emailed to notify me about this could re-send the email, I can then clear up any errors here. Cheers.

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  1. Saab is going to have to do a LOT better than $500 bucks more on the 9-3.

    Most people are going to wait for the MY08, so Saab is going to have to raise that number a LOT more….something closer to the 9-5 range…

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