US Saab sales – June 2007

UPDATE below.


Whilst I was sleeping the US sales figures for June 2007 came through and whilst GM as a whole had their butts soundly kicked it was a somewhat different story for Saab.

Saab USA sold 4,361 vehicles during June, which was a 27.5% rise over June last year. Perhaps more importantly, though, it brought the yearly total up close with last year’s total for the same period. Year-to-date, SaabUSA have now sold 17,003 units compared to 17,691 for Jan-June in 2006.


The individual models sold like this:

Saab 9-2x: 26 units sold compared to 122 last year.

Saab 9-3: 3,185 units sold compared to 2,194 last year.

Saab 9-5: 607 units sold compared to 439 last year.

Saab 9-7x: 543 units sold compared to 540 last year.


The Saab 9-5 has been the recipient of some pretty strong incentives, which were probably responsible for the increased numbers. Notably, this is the first time the 9-5 has outsold the 9-7x in quite a long time.


Congratulations SaabUSA.

These sales numbers are definitely higher than I expected. I would have predicted around 3,500 for the month. As Saab gears up to clear models out ahead of the 2008 9-3 I’d hope numbers remain reasonably strong, at least for the next three months.


Oooooookay then.

Max writes in comments:

truth be told GM forced all the Saab dealers loaners cars into the sale figures….are they sold or are not sold? They are being used by the dealers as loaners to service customers but count as sold. Righto….fraud sales figures

I did hear a reference to this a few days ago but I was unsure as to what it meant. I think Max has possibly shed sufficient light on it to put those congratulations on hold for just a little bit.

I wonder how much of that number above consists of those fudgy ‘sales’. We have, what…240 dealers? How many loaner Saabs for each dealer?

This could get scary…..

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  1. truth be told GM forced all the Saab dealers loaners cars into the sale figures….are they sold or are not sold? They are being used by the dealers as loaners to service customers but count as sold. Righto….fraud sales figures

  2. Now hold on a second, Max… Back in 2000/2001 when I was actively selling brand new Saabs, the loaner cars were never “sold” to the dealer, they still had their Certificate of Origin when I sold them with 5k or so miles on them. They counted as new car sales in the month when the car’s CO was submitted to the State of New Hampshire (Maine or Massachusetts, etc), not when they entered loaner service. As an aside, the warranty in-service date was whatever day the car entered the loaner fleet — a double edged sword. But long story short, loaner activations aren’t supposed to count for sales.


  3. old times…how I wish for the old times. Yes, in the past that was the policy, now the GM whiz kids have a new way to boost their numbers. If I had to guess the loaner car numbers are in the hundreds. Yes, hundreds as in plural

  4. I was dead-set to write an AMP’D UP response, until I read the possibility of fudgey-ness. I like fudge, so long as it is brown and gooey and sweet and doesn’t have to do with numbers.

    Seriously, on a liberal side, let’s say each dealer has 3 loaners. That makes about 720, which puts us right around 3,600 units sold, near Swades guess. Some dealers go through loaners, but keep in mind they’d normally only MAKE one a loaner from inventory to replace a loaner that is sold to a customer.

    Yes, fudgy, but in the scheme of things these loaners ‘get sold’ eventually. The debatable part might just be in which month’s sales figures to include them in.

    But then again, how long have the loaners been counted in the sales figures? Is this NEW or status quo? If it’s the continuing trend, why make it an issue now. It’s only sketchy if it’s a NEW practice, really.

    Dessert or not, it means good things for Saab USA, and may serve as a shot in the arm for morale.

  5. I’ll check exactly what I heard about this later in the day, but I’m pretty sure these are boosted numbers.

    As Nevitz mentions, however, the cars have got to go through the accounting process at some stage. I guess we’ll know next month as they can only do this sort of thing once in a while and have an effect like this.

  6. well done saab i say, it goes in the paper as a good month.
    the cars can only go down as being sold once and all dealers, including the likes of bmw etc will all put loaners on the road.

  7. About the fudginess, what about the other GM brands? Would it have been only Saab that had to do this? The other GM brands tanked.

  8. GM sales fell considerably in June compared to the time in 2006 – 22% less than the same period last year. GM stock reacted to the announcement, but bounced back before the markets closed.

    One has to remember that with the rise in gas prices GM is kind of hurting as they are not selling as many light trucks – there bread and butter. The other thing is that GM is cutting sales to rental fleets (think resale value) and they are really being conservative about rebates this year – more so than any other of the ‘big three’.

    At any rate – long term the company will be better off for these decisions. They need to focus on smaller more fuel efficient vehicles – Toyota is kicking everyone’s butt right now.

  9. I haven’t had a chance to write in with my life story, and now is not the time. However here is a bit: I am living the dream, running the sales side of a stand-alone Saab store in the southwest U.S.. I have wanted to do this since 2004 when I realized it was a far-off possibility. It has come to fruition much sooner than I had hoped.
    Last month was in a word, amazing. Our dealership flubbed no numbers, in fact our loaner cars are Subarus (better resale value w/ miles on them). Every dealer in our zone exceeded our sales targets for June. Also, we have three new Saabs already sold for July (very small market). So yes the June numbers were excellent. I think this year will beat last year, even though GM did not forecast for a rise and instead for a decline.

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