V4s at Kinnekulle

After the two-strokers from the other day, I’ve now pieced together some highlights from the other 96s and Sonetts that were there on the day. These ones are V4s and seem to be traveling around a little quicker, or a little more consistently quick, in any case.

There’s some great stuff in here, though I’ve got to tell you the best is yet to come.

Slightly shorter than the two-strokes. Just as much fun.

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  1. Joe, you would have been faster than Robin or I most likely, which would cause me to shut down this blog forever. Best that you didn’t then đŸ˜‰

  2. 23 months, joe, head to head. I’ll get some lessons from Phill and get a rental at the airport (I’ll be nice and request a Saab)

  3. Yeah 23 months, i’ll be waiting don’t worry. i have to say though robin, and i have to say this out loud, how dare you get driving lessons from a ford owner??? shame shame shame!

  4. but Phill is not a ford owner, he’s more than that, he’s a cosworth owner, who now likes saab’s a lot.

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