Viggen damage photos

I was too depressed to post these last night. They’re not the best quality and don’t show the full extent, but they’ll give you an idea of how the car looked afterwards. Click on each to enlarge.

Viggen front crash As you can see, the incident has left the front of the car in a bit of a mess. I didn’t see it come off, but the front bumper was ripped from the vehicle.

As near as I can tell, the accident happened after I gained some traction on the ripple strip with my wheels not quite pointing where they should have been when grip was applied. This sent me looping around and across the track, and up a dirt embankment on an awkward angle. It was this part of the trip where the right front wheel dug in, lifting the left side off the ground (hence the bang and bounce in the video). I’m pretty sure that when the right front dug in it ripped the front bumper off.

The good news is that the headlights and grille are undamaged and working fine. There’s no creases in the front guards or the hood, either. It’s just the bumper and foglights etc that have a problem here.

Viggen rear damage Here’s the rear quarter of the car. After the spin and bounce, the car backed up a little and came to rest with this quarter up against a tyrewall. I can remember looking at the tyrewall as it approached and wondering in a split second if our momentum was going to carry us into it and do some serious panel damage. Thankfully it didn’t happen.

You can see a muddy patch just below and to the side of the rear lights. That’s the only spot where there’s any minor dent from contact with the wall. The rear bumper also has a split in the corner and you can see near the wheel well where the bumper has come away from the bodywork. The rear lights are all intact.

Of course, the real worry back here is that view you get of my back wheel. You can see way too much of it because the axle’s bent a little and the wheel is now the Viggen equivalent of the leaning tower of Pisa. That’ll be getting assessed today.

It’s very sad looking at these and even sadder knowing that the car’s not there in the driveway. Hopefully, if the insurance company do the right thing, it’ll be back shortly. Otherwise, it’ll be back and garaged for some time. Either way, though, it’ll be good as new and back on the road relatively soon.

Other than this, I had the time of my life yesterday and I wouldn’t change a thing, except perhaps trusting my gut a little more about the condition of my tyres. If you feel like you haven’t got enough grip then please consider replacing them and drive to their capability. I’ve learned the hard way.

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  1. I’m sorry to read about the damage, and am just glad that you’re okay, Swade.

    Look at this as an opportunity. You can use it to upgrade those parts maybe. Is there some sort of aftermarket front spoiler, maybe as a part of some kit that you like, or are you pretty much a purist and want the original factory stuff?

    Again, sorry to read about this and I’m just glad you had a good time and weren’t hurt. I’ve never driven my car on a track so you know a lot more about the capabilities of your car than I do. I guess you know what to do next time you’re in a situation like that. Chock it up to a performance driving learning experience!

  2. oh bugegr swadey! 🙁
    At least you were having fun doing it… and you weren’t injured at all! Rebuild her and she will be fine! It’s all cosmetic!
    Best of luck buddy in getting her back on the road!!

  3. What a sneaky way to get a viggen front and rear spoiler, oh yeah he had one!
    Nice new red rim.
    Swade I am sorry to hear of your mis-fortune while having fun.
    Best of repair.

  4. Steve, interesting photos. Ummmm, yeah!

    Hopefully the insurer will be sympathetic, although be prepared for the assessor to write it off.

    Let me know the outcome.


  5. Firstly I am glad you are OK and must say my response to such a mishap wouldnt have been quite so cool and calm – or clean!!

    I hope your baby gets better soon.

  6. No 1 is you and I am glad you are in one piece and healthy. The rest can be repaired or replaced. My goodness and I was in the midst of sending you a private message to discuss the new dump valve as I do not have one. When I fist looked at this entry earlier on I was sure this was not your Viggen. I hope you have it back on its feet real soon. I am very sorry for you as this will hurt.

  7. OUCH.
    I think you have found your next project.
    I dont think that the rear axle would be bent,it maybe just the stub axle(wheel bearing).
    Let us all pray for a speedy recovery.
    And may the insurance Gods smile on you today.

  8. Again, as above, glad that you’re in one piece.

    It is a lesson.

    Gents: Tires, even the really, really good ones, are cheap compared to something like this. I, too, learned this the hard way on a rain-slick road in (thankfully) not a Saab. Get the GOOD ones!!

    Swade: the damage is repairable, for sure.

  9. Ouch. Sorry to see the sad state of affairs, but glad to hear that you’re okay. Good luck getting back on the road, I’ll click a few ads for you. 😉

  10. man, i am just happy you didn’t roll. you’ll be up and running in no time. i just clicked about 40 ads for you 🙂 hope that helps.

    hmmm, i could use a new t-shirt or three.

  11. Jeff, whilst I appreciate the sentiment, Google could frown quite a bit at that and suspend my account, hence my disendorsement in the video post.

    But thanks to you and all for your concern. I’ll following things up with the insurers today and remain hopeful.

  12. I cringed while watching this, primarily at the hurt ing of a beautiful car, but also because i’m currently doing some pretty major upgrades to get my car track-worth for a some laps at Winton (VIC) in December… now i’m wondering if it’s such a great idea!

  13. No doubt that if you really want to test the car to its limits prior and after mods you have to go to the track. But, you are playing with the Devil there. My approach is always when overtaking or in stretches where you can test power but not to limit levels. So, it’s best to hold back.

  14. Swade, did you have fun doing it?!

    there aren’t many aftermarket body kits for viggens. the stock body kit is a great looking one. viggen rims do bend easily, and i would not be surprised if they are bent. Although they are beautiful, maybe you can get different wheels which are ligther AND stronger with insurance money?

    Again, and am glad to hear you’re ok. looked like you were having a blast :).

  15. Now if you lived in the US you’d get to sue GM for $1.5 trillion over your emotional trauma which is a direct result of them making a poorly handling car. Your trial lawyer, perhaps you could get John Edwards on your case after his run for the Democratic nomination fails, would ensure a jury lacking any engineering or physics knowledge, present GM as uncaring and evil and win the case for you. After you’ve won you could then buy Saab from GM and all your dreams could come true.

    Instead you just have to hope the insurance gets the car fixed fast, and properly.

  16. why would insurance cover compedative driving on a track. Especially if the driver is 100% responsible for the accident?

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