What’s wrong with this picture?

New 9-3 SportCombi being delivered in the UK. But something’s up and Saab are getting a phone call today for some restitution. Can you pick it?

Saab 9-3 SportVombi problem

Shouldn’t be too difficult.

This car is brand new to Robin M’s sister-in-law in the UK. If I recall correctly it was an employer provided vehicle but she had to get her order in by a certain date for some reason. Having to rush that order in meant that she just missed out on ordering an 08 model instead of this 07.

Still, nothing to be sneezed at, except for the…….

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  1. I have no idea. I know in the U.S. we have body colored door handles, but my understanding is that they are an option elsewhere.

    What am I missing?

  2. Definitely the door handles … A quick visit to Saab’s site in Great Britain shows the cars with the painted door handles.

  3. Pardon me, but the UK car’s steering happen to be on the RIGHT side, and it’s elsewhere that got it WRONG. 😉

  4. I assume this is an 07 UK spec. Vector and painted door handles were a extra cost option, but standard for Aero.
    ctm is joking of course!
    Does the colo(u)r look suspicious?

  5. And what’s worse… You drive on the WRONG side of the road, while most people of the world drive on the RIGHT side of the road… 😉

  6. It shouldn’t have that 9-iron sticking out the front windscreen? Or is that a periscope? Maybe it’s the one Swade ran into a ditch near Trollhattan! ;o)

  7. what Annette see’s as wrong is the door handels. When she test drove the car she was told that the vector model came with colour coded handles and sure enough in the sales brochure it states “Examples of equipment, Vector, body-colour door handles”. In the dec 06 brochure it states that they are an option. She is now trying to find out which brochure is right, not forgetting she ordered the car 2 months ago and not last december.

  8. i believe the aero is the only with clearly visible exhaust tips. other ones just have it tucked under the lower bumper

  9. It’s is only the Aero Model that comes standard with Colour Matched Door-Handles on 07MY. GB Spec.
    On the back of any Manufacturers brochure there is always a diclaimer stating that Prices and Specifications can change without notice.

    Personally I think black door handles are very traditional.

  10. Black door handels are especially better for ladies. There will be less scratches caused by rings. Saab thinks of everyting.

  11. Thank you for all the comments, the main reason for this chat about the door handles was because she was told they came colour coded. The vector she test drove had colour coded handles. The sales man got it wrong but apart from that she is very happy with the 9-3. We have another new Saab driver.

  12. Against the silver, the black handles add some charactor. My mother just got a Honda Accord Value Package (I tried to talk her into a 9-3, but she spent $16k for it breand new!) and it is silver with black handles, and I like it.

    Now, my (wife’s) MY03 9-5 Linear has black handles, and I would’ve perfered those to be color coded, but alas, I got a bargain on it too.

  13. It looks to me however that the taillights look like the new MY08 9-3, whereas the MY07 9-3 are still mostly red?

    Or am I just not focused on the door handles enough?

  14. The model Annette test drove would have been a Vector Sport. This added a 6 CD changer, parking sensors painted door handles and EVO alloys. You can tell the car in the picture is a standard Vector as it has 5 spoke alloys. Very few of these were sold as all 07 Vectors were upgraded to Vector Sport level for no extra cost or else had a free Hirsch Upgrade. I went with the sport ‘cos thats what they had in stock.

  15. Now I know its never good to feel swindled but……..Silver & black is a great combo; both our cars are & although thats by accident, its a prime choice in my book. I’d have kept it & negotiated some free servicing perhaps if you’re really cranky.

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