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UPDATE below!


Thankyou for the headline, Mr Fudd.

This post assumes that the insurance company will approve the claim on the Viggen….

As all Viggen owners know, the standard 17″ wheels are notoriously soft. If mine’s going to be fixed, it’s going to need at least two new wheels, which means that all four would need to be repainted in order to get the same finish.

I’m thinking it might be worthwhile to ditch the soft standard Viggen wheels and slap on these 17″ rollers from the 9-3 Aero.

Saab Aero wheel

These have always been one of my favourite Saab wheels, so it’d be a pleasure to see them on the Viggen.

My other thought was to get some of those 18″ Hirsch six spokes, but I’m not sure I’ll have a budget that extends that far, nor am I aware at this point whether I can even order the Hirsch wheels as Saab Oz still doesn’t have a working relationship with Hirsch.

Maybe this’d be a good time for them to start?



I knew these were in the archives somewhere, but didn’t have the time to look. Thankfully, it’s a case of SAB to the rescue.

SAB (a 9-3 Aero and C900 owner in Melbourne) recently tried on some of those Hirsch 18″ rims for a bit of fun. You can see a bunch of photos here, but below’s a good shot of the Hirsch wheels on his 9-3.

Looks fiiiiiine.

SAB 9-3 Hirsch



I can’t see them on the Hirsch site, but I’ve just noted that Elkparts sells a 17″ version of the Hirsch six spoke rim. The genuine Hirsch product, I take it.

It’s a tad cheaper than the 18″ and would also mean that the tyres would be cheaper, too. Weighs in at only 9.2 kilos per rim but they’re 50% stronger.


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  1. I have one of those rims under my house.
    You could use it as a spare if you end up buying 4 used ones.
    That is if it is the same finish,as they came in 2 styles.

  2. Mine says 387 Euros.

    Though John sells them as well for around $580 Aust.

    Those prices are per rim, hence why my budget may not extend that far. Though the insurance company would have to buy two of them so I’d only have to cough up for 2 plus tyres.

  3. mmmm, is that $500 AUD each + import duty???

    ouch! Plus you’ll have to get 18 rubber on them. you’re looking at 4k.

  4. Personally I am somewhat skeptical of 18″ wheels. Expensive with a harsh ride. And the double three spokes are quite fetching.

    How about some 17″ Klingons for the Viggen? They look quite nice on the 9-3 body.

  5. Pity the Viggen is 5-stud, you could go the Incas!

    Damn wheels, I’d love some Carlsson 16″ 3-spokes for the 9000. With the gunmetal spokes and shiny rim they are my personal favourite of the 9000 wheels. The Anniversary wheels are OK but only 15″ and narrow!

    Let’s not get started on the 16″s on our Sportcombi. Anycase you can’t see them at the moment because it’s one filthy Son Af A Beech.

    Anyway back on topic, have you looked at what Dean at Swedish Prestige has available?

  6. Gotcha.

    I think I’d be happy if I bought a car with them on already. Given a choice though, I’m not sure they’d be what I’d choose for a Viggen.

    Turbin, Dean sells wheels there? I never knew.

  7. *scatches head*

    Errrr. Sorry.

    Aw C’mon. 3-5 posts a day and I’m actually supposed to remember all of ’em!!

    Those wheels do look pretty nice, actually. They almost look bigger than 18″, too. I guess because of Joe’s lowering of the car.

  8. I was just ready to type and saw Turbin’s comments. These are 18″ indeed and the lowering makes them look bigger. I would recommend these as they are local and are very strong, a lot stronger than the Viggs. During my net navigations sprees I’ve seen a few 9-3 hatch with 18″ and they really look fantastic. It’s worth the extra bit. The 18″ tyres are a lot more popular and are coming down in price quite a lot. So, assuming you don’t have to spend anything more after the repair see if you can stretch the wallet !!!!

  9. FWIW, i really like the turbine style, multiblade wheels from SAAB the best. The ones on the currnet 95 aero I think.

    OZ also do some like this but they are crazy prices.

  10. I really like those 9-3 Aero wheels, and that means you wouldn’t need to get new tires too, I think. The Hirschs look nice, but the Aeros look better.

    I’m probably in the minority but I think the Klingon wheels just look weird.

  11. I almost bought the 17″ hirsch ones from ANA during the Festival. I think this guy in the Kinnekulle stand said its the last set. If I remember they were going for about 2800SEK/piece. Maybe worth a try checking with them.
    I didn’t take them because of money and the freshly straightened Viggen wheels. Now, 10k km later I think one of the wheels is bent again … I should have taken the Hirsch ones 🙁

  12. Swadey,

    go with the 18’s if u can they looked horn on Sab’s car and would look better on the viggen 😉


    did u get your wheels from Swedish Prestige? if so, what brand are they i have been trying to find them?


  13. I have never ever liked 3-spokes. There were some months in the early eighties when I thought they looked cool, but that was it. Today, my Saab has 5-spokes. My next car will probably have 7-10 spokes. A friend of mine told my this was a sign of me getting old. Anyone else feel the same? 🙂

  14. ctm: Still strong with the 3-spokes. However, I’m still strong with the 1988 model, too.

    You’ve not gotten an answer from your insurance company? Is it normal to take a week to find out? The last time something like this happened to me, I knew in about an hour.

  15. Eggs, it’s because of the investigation. They investigator should have finished his report today, which means I should get an answer from the insurer either Wednesday or Thursday.

  16. Just show him all the beautiful pics you have of the car. There is no way a person in full possessions of one’s senses could decide to scrap a car like that… 🙁

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