900 prom-loving.

We can include the convertible in the month of 900 loving, can’t we? Logan E has had a photo featured here before, and he was in that one, too. Fortunately his head doesn’t ruin photos like mine does so we can all still enjoy the fine machinery.

The story on this piece of 900 loving?

Not much of a story here, but Dad used to own two of these before he got his MY99 9-3SE Cabrio. He actually loved the C900 and would like to get this exact model back one day for his convertible driving. He’s not the Saab nut like I am, but at least he appreciates a brilliant car.

This was my ride to my highschool prom back in 2003 and it was great picking up the date with the top down. My date’s hair was an issue, of course, so the top went up.

OK, time for a vote.

Who agrees that the prom date should have realised that the top-down nature of the Convertible was more important that her ill-prepared hair style?

Anyway, here’s the pic. nice to hear from a family that enjoys their Saab Convertible motoring and keeps it within the brand. A true classic.

Logan C900 Convertible

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  1. I went to my prom in my mother’s Volvo S40. My Saab was having timing chain issues at the time. I was pissed, I was looking forward to rolling up in my Saab.

  2. The Saab was key. I vote that she should have fixed the hairstyle… Who can deny that the convertible isn’t more important than the hair?

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