900 Loving: Coolest Swede ever?

Saab 900 What a great bit of timing! It’s c900 month here at TS and today Auto Express are asking if the 900 is the coolest Swede ever. There’ll be some arguments over that one, but there’s little doubt that it’s up there in the Pantheon of Swedish design.

Wearing three-spoke alloys, the 900 looks great, but it was the addition of a turbo model that sealed its status as Saab’s most memorable model. Today, its 145bhp 2.0-litre engine is nothing to write home about, but in the early Eighties, it was a different story.

There is something about it, isn’t there? It’s right up there with the Porsche 911 in terms of instant and unmistakable recognition. Other than a 99 (to the uninitiated) there’s no way it could be anything else. And that’s before you drive it.

For many people, a Saab Turbo would have been the first turbocharged car they rode in and the rush once the turbo kicked in inspired a generation.

Add incredible cargo capacity to the individual looks and unexpected performance and yeah, it’s definitely one of the coolest Swedes ever.


It’s the month of C900 loving here at Trollhattan Saab. I’ve you’ve got (or had) a classic Saab 900 then please send in your photos and stories to me via swade99(at)dodo.com.au

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  1. Id go so far as to say – absolutely.

    The Turbo 16S or SPG as it was called here in North America was the ultimate Saab.

  2. My girlfriend’s dad has a ’92 900 S and I have a 2001 9-3 SE. We constantly debate on who’s is better. I love the styling of the c900, but I also love what it evolved into with the NG900/9-3. But there is no denying that the c900 is a legend!

  3. Coolest Swede ever…hell, it is one of the coolest cars ever period. Nevermind where it came from, it outclasses a LOT of cars from America, Japan, Germany, Italy, etc etc.

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