900 loving: duelling Saabs

What’s better than having one gorgeous classic 900 in the driveway? Having a few of them, of course. What about one for cold weather and one for warm? Thankfully, if you’re a 900 kind of guy, Saab’s got you covered.

These two babies belong to Jon, who lives just outside of Atlanta.

First to the hardtop. It’s a model that’s becoming very close to my heart right now, a 1985 Saab 900 SPG. As always, this photos can be enlarged with a click.

85 Saab 900

First is my 1985 SPG… original paint, interior, headliner, engine and transmission. 166,000 miles and looks almost as good as the day it rolled off the line. She’s my baby.

85 Saab 900

85 Saab 900

That really is in good condition. Has all this 900 talk got you thinking about picking one up yet??

The one below might. Not only is it a convertible, but it’s in what is perhaps a slightly underappreciated Saab signature colour.

Here’s Jon’s ragtop ride.

Saab 900 Conv

Second is my 1991 900 SE in Monte Carlo Yellow. One of the rare ones 🙂 It wasn’t in as good a shape as the SPG when I found it but it’s slowly being restored back to original. 146,000 miles, automatic, turbo. I’m working on getting that interior back into shape…. she runs like a champ though!

Saab 900 Convertible

A brilliant duo. And it sounds like Jon’s appreciative of the fact that he’s got a chance to look after them.

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  1. What a great bunch of cars, Jon, particularly the convertible. I have no doubt that my next car will be one similar, although finding one of the ’92 series turbo-S cars here in Oz that colour is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!


  2. there actually is a yellow convertible in malta which i am desperately trying to get my hands on. since it’s a small island i might bump into it now and again. next time i’ll make sure i give an offer on the car 🙂

  3. Let’s not get competitive here, Bill. Nothing wrong with silver. Now get back to cleaning yours, please….

    Grab it, Joe! And when you do I want photos!

  4. Everyone knows black is better than silver, don’t kid yourself.


    I really like that vert. I WILL own one one day, in that color. I love yellow on sports cars and convertibles.

    A vert like that was in Hot Fuzz, same color and everything, but it got a little beat up in the movie. If you haven’t seen it, you should, it’s hilarious.

  5. Beauty’s, they are!

    That Monte Carlo Yellow 900 Vert reminds me of the movie I saw this weekend. Same model (not sure the year) played a decent roll in Hot Fuzz, which I thought was brilliantly funny. I wonder what made them choose the 900 for what they “used” it for… ?

  6. I already mentioned Hot Fuzz, I win.

    But anyway, the guy in the Saab in Hot Fuzz was an actor, I think. It was probably some comment on conceit or something. What do they know about cars, anyway, they all drove Renaults. :p

  7. Drew – Where the heck is this 96 you think you see? I see an SUV, what appears to be a pickup truck (I can’t see the top but it’s way too big to be a 96 anyway), and what looks like some sort of Asian coupe, maybe an old Civic or Accord.

  8. Jeff and Drew-
    Thats my neighbor’s Honda Civic and Ford Explorer. If I taken a pic from another angle though… you’d have seen my daily car- a 1999 9-3 Convertible. (Sometimes I think SAAB ownership is like a disease LOL) .

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