900 Loving – more of my new Aero

If you were checking in in the last 36 hours, you would have read that I’ve agreed to purchase a 1985 Saab 900 Aero. Quite appropriate given that it’s the month of C900 loving here.

I put a couple of photos up on site the other day (see link above), but Simon has emailed me a few more, which I thought I’d post as well.

Saab Aero

Saab 900 Aero

A few more specs as well.

Because it’s the 1985 model it’s got a little more pep than other Aeros. it’s a pre-cat model and came standard with 175hp and 273 Nm of torque. Simon’s already fitted a 1991 gearbox to it and a 2.5 inch exhaust. A turbosmart bypass valve is already fitted so I don’t need to remove the Forge unit from the Viggen in a hurry and the turbo is currently running around 12 pounds of boost.

I’m not allowed to plan any mods due to financial constraints, but I can’t help thinking about them anyway….

So if things go well I’m considering one of those uprated intercoolers from Jak Stoll, some bigger injectors and a mild re-map. Some SuperAero rims would go quite nicely, but I don’t like my chances of finding any let alone affording them for some time.

Anyway, like I said, no mods for some time.

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  1. Well, I won’t be looking for it, Ted, but I feel like I’ve got to get back on that horse some time sooner rather than later. I had a brilliant day up until that last corner and need to know that I can do that without going astray again.

    We’ll see.

  2. Now that´s a great looking Saab really! Please keep it all original, as much as it´s possible. The idea of modifying a 22year old classic doesn´t sound really clever, imo. But of course adding some reliability, like 91+ tranny etc is something which shouldn´t be considered as modifying.

    I really love the way pre ´87 Aero looks, and my “secret” dream is to get ´84 Aero in black colour one day. We´ll see if that´ll ever come true.

  3. That´s right, SuperAeros(or any other 16″ Saab-rims) won´t fit right on the older 114,3 cars. But you perhaps knew that already.. And congrats for getting a REAL classic, of course! 😉 Also agreeing a lot with MarkoA:s thoughts there, but i´m sure you´re staying to those “tasteful” smaller mods however.. 😉

    /proud owner of a black/beige -84 T16S (originally German car)

  4. You should save up some money and paint it black…or bright blue if the Viggen ends up being a write off, like a rolling memorial.

  5. I wasn’t aware of those wheel-fitting issues. Thanks for the heads-up.

    It’s a little disappointing, but I’ll get over it.

  6. Swade, look at the bright side: you can’t put post ’87 wheels on your Aero, but anyone with a post-’87 900 can’t put pre-’88 wheels on theirs. You should try to find a nice set of those four-lug “soccer ball” wheels or “Incas” or something. SAAB 99 wheels fit on the pre-’87 900s. 🙂

    Another thing to be aware of on the ’85 is that it has the pre-’86 brake rotors. In ’86 the front brake rotors went to vented type. The ’85 and earlier ones are solid. You can “upgrade” to the post-’85 style, but that also requires replacing the whole calipers assemblies as well, IIRC. Hardly seems worth the time and money unless you plan to run your car on a track or other heavy-brake usage application.

  7. I’ve really got to teach you how to insert links…..

    Do you reckon they’d be alright on a 900, Bill? You know I love the minilites but I think they might be a little too old school.

    I think I need to photoshop them in and see how they’d look. Do you have minis on your 85 Aero at the moment? Might have to drive down for a look. These one’s are certainly priced OK at the moment.

  8. Gripen,

    Am not planning for those uses, but uprated brakes are a good idea IMHO anyway. I’d always notice how good the Viggen brakes were when I drove another car.

  9. The Silverspokes don’t look too old school on my ’93 900! I have the standard aero wheels on my ’85 at the moment, but it might get a set of black spoked shelbys. The shelbys are the pick if you can find some. I’ll swap silverspokes from a 99T to see how they look on the ’85 Aero though.

  10. Two things: First, I think I said this before somewhere, but I’ll say it again: Swade, you really need to take a whole bunch of pictures of this car the second you get it because these don’t do it justice.

    Next, OMG WHALETAIL. Whaletail spoilers are awesome! If I ever realize my second-top car dream (first is either a ZR1 or C6 Z06 Corvette, third is a 900 SPG) and get a 911, it WILL have a whaletail (as will the SPG, but not the Corvette :p). Swade, you HAVE to put a whaletail on this thing.

  11. Congrats with your beautiful 1985 900 Aero, Swade! This will be a very neat car to own, even if a Turbo-X should find its way right next to it as a replacement for your Viggen. I feel really bad for you regarding the accident and insurance trouble, and hope your lawyer will do a really good job to clear things up. (I just scratched up my recently cosmetically “touched up” 9000 Aero, so here we go again. Feels equally bad each time, but life does go on….) 😀

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