A few SOC pics

GripenNo, this is not his car, but Gripen is indeed in Detroit taking in the sights, sounds and people of the 2007 Saab Owner’s Convention. Gripen’s still writing up his various bits and pieces from SOC, but he’s shot through a few photos.

Also, I should mention that I’ve heard just this morning that the 2008 SOC venue has been announced. It’ll be somewhere in Massachusetts and right now, I’m planning to attend. Hope to see you there.

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The DUB 9-7x is there. I’d love to see this one in person.

Saab 9-7x DUB

A Saab 900 done up in Viggen style, badging and all.

900 Viggen

Some very nice engine detail here, and judging by the compactness of the bay I’d guess it’s been slotted into a 99.

Saab 16v engine

A very classy 900 SPG.

Saab 900 SPG

And an equally nice Saab 95.

Saab 95

Just from the paint color, I’d take a guess and say this hood ornament is on the Saab 95 pictured above.

Saab Jet

EMS or turbo? Either way – beautiful!!

Saab 99 EMS

And as promised, here’s an enlargeable image of those 9-3 LED’s

Saab 9-3 LEDs

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  1. Good to see gary moore (eitehr GM or 1oldsaabman on the various forums) brought his 88 900 SPG along… his is the edwardian grey one. I’ve stayed with GM the last two years for SOC over in the USA and it was always to far to trailer the SPG. I ahve also driven his SPG and it is damn quick! I got some video of it somewhere too.

    Bring on MA for next year – I will be there too!


  2. That 16v 900 engine has actually been slotted into a ……900 16v!

    Suggest you cut back on those ‘funny cigarettes’.


  3. Turbine wheels. Sigh.

    How does that guy keep his exhaust manifold, turbo and exhaust looking that good? Rusty, rusty and more rusty for me!

  4. Saaboy: ’09 is definitely in Colorado, being hosted by the Rocky Mountain SAAB Club. They’re very excited about it and were even handing out buttons to everyone advertising it!

    I saw someone brought a 9-2X but apparently they didn’t enter it for an award, unfortunately for them. At the end of the awards ceremony (broken down into different classes) it was mentioned that there were no 9-2X or 9-7X entrants. They would have won by default! 🙂

  5. That DUB 9-7x is totally awesome.

    Also, that blue 900 “Viggen” is totally kickass.

    Also also, I really hope I can come to the 2008 SOC, Massachusetts isn’t TOO far away from here…something like a 7 hour drive…assuming I’m still a Saab owner a year from now, I’ve got a funny feeling my car is about to just keel over.

  6. Twas great fun, despite the rain, occasionally heavy with a slight power failure. Cars and seminars and GM Heritage were excel. My only suggestion for future events would be to enable everyone to be within eyeshot as there was quite a walk between the front lot and back, making it look less attended than it was. The MY08 93ss/sc (#259/260 w May07 temp emission waiver) were looking good in silver and gray up close…the chrome dosent look as “chromey”. Still need to rethink the “soft touch” plastics however. And the 100% autotrans thing. Finally, there was a slight biodiesel additive to some of the shots of the infamous “potato gun” aimed at the Delphi HQ across I-75.

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