Alumirrors spotted again

I’ve seen this video before. Can’t remember, but I may have even posted it here a month or so ago, so I won’t post it again now.

It’s a video from the 9-3 launch in Sweden back in June, taken by one of the participants. There are plenty of images of the new car, including the brilliant initial reveal, and some of the activities that went on there. The video itself is worth a viewing to get another person’s perspective on what went on at the launch.

But the reason for this post: I’d just like to thank Frank for picking up on the brushed aluminium mirrors on this SportCombi, which comes on screen about 2.5 minutes into the movie.

They’re rather fetching, I think. This is the second “alumirror” sighting and it’ll be interesting to see how they make their way into the general marketplace.

Aluminum Mirrors

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  1. The alu mirrors are an available option on the TiDD? Check out the specs in build it yourself pages from GB for the english.
    Swade you never commented on the NEW wheels.OK and carrying birch wood on the roof…photo opp! Only in Europe.

  2. Stunning – love those new alloys – never thought red could look so ggod, but all the chrome and alloy sets it off – normally only A4s get away with red, but this looks hot!

  3. Dagnabbit, they beat me to it 🙁

    Guess I’ll have to concentrate on other ickle design mods then. The house move and new baby on the way have really slowed down my ability to get the chrome mirrors sorted.

    Oh well, my next ickle venture is to try and source the silver strip on the dash and dark chrome it. Apparently one is unable to buy the silver strip by itself, it only comes as part of the entire dash at the mo, and the dash itself costs something around the £230+ mark.

  4. These are accessories, you can’t order them from factory with new car, but separately from service and then install them locally

    You should check out the new accessories borchure, there are new 18″ Inca wheels for 9-3, 18″ Double Blade wheels for 9-5 and a new spoiler for 9-3 sedan (looks like a Bridge Spoiler for early 9-5’s – like this –

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