Another crash test win for Saab

Saab have come out on top in a set of low-speed crash tests involving premium marques.

The tests were conducted by the IIHS. Normally, you’d expect the measurement to be quantified by potential damage to occupants or pedestrians. This test is a little different, however, as it measured the cost of crash repairs to the cars and then rated them accordingly.

The Institute was disappointed with the results over all. Even the top-place getting Saab 9-3:

The best-performing vehicle in the test was the Saab 9-3. Its total estimated repair costs for all four tests was $5,243, less than what the Mercedes-Benz would have cost to fix after just one front impact.

The Institute wasn’t enthusiastic about even the Saab’s performance in these tests, however.

“There’s nothing exemplary about even the best performer, the Saab 9-3,” said vice president Joe Nolan in a statement. “It simply avoided racking up the most damage in any single test and ended up coming out the best in a mediocre lot.”

Saab said in a statement that it was proud of the 9-3’s top-ranked performance in these tests.

As you may know, self-repairing bumpers were one of Saab’s innovations way back in 1971. They’ve had a long time to work on this sort of thing.

Following is a chart showing the estimated repair costs for all the vehicles tested. Click to enlarge.

Slow crash test

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  1. I am sorry if I can’t get too excited about “self repairing bumpers” that cost $5000 to repair. I saw the test that they were doing, on television. I thought the whole idea of self repairing bumpers was that they would pop back out on their own without having to take it to a garage. When that was invented, the whole car didn’t cost much more than that.

  2. The original self-repairers were made so it’s wasn’t too cosmetically unattractive when they worked. Today’s trend of color-coded stuff makes that a bit more difficult. The price we pay for attractive cars, I guess.

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