Another SaabFest Gallery

Steve B from Melbourne shot me an email last week to let me know about his new Flickr gallery from the Saab festival in June. Steve was one of the six Aussies there, notable for having one of those great Aussie T-shirts on nearly all the time and having his camera working overtime, all the time.

There’s heaps of cars from Kinnekulle there, so if you were on the track on Saturday 9th, then you might just see yourself. Steve had prime position for the Saab Performance Team as well, and of course there’s a lot of cars from the exhibition on Sunday 10th.

It’s obviously not the best one in the collection, but I’ll use this one as a feature, as it looks like Steve snuck further into the museum than I did!

Saab 98

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  1. Great photos, thanx guys.

    I’m no expert but that bronze/cream C900 on the first page looks like it has a Porsche 911 whale tail on the back. Anyone else agree?

    It looks awsome BTW – although the exhaust is a little trashy.

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