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9-7x Aero Head on over to Autoblog and check out their podcast for this week. It’s a 14mb download.

After 5 minutes or so of them rattling on about Chrysler they cover the release of the 9-7x Aero.

For me, it was a heartening but reasonably frustrating exercise. It’s always good to hear coverage of Saab that mentions a Saab model being the best of its breed, but there was so much more that could have been contributed and a bit that was somewhat inaccurate, IMHO.

It’s frustrating, because a while ago I was swapping emails back and forth with one of the Autoblog guys and he mentioned that it’d be good to get me involved with a podcast when it concerned Saab. Naturally I’d love to do this in order to get the message out there a bit more and this would have been a perfect opportunity.

So if I’d been involved, here’s what I would have highlighted.

  • The number of changes that were made to the standard Trailblazer base, by Saab engineers, to bring the 9-7x to life.
  • The fact that the 9-7x has only ever been considered as a short-term solution, but it’s been very well executed.
  • The fact that I’d never heard from a dissatisfied 9-7x owner. The people who knock the 9-7x fall into two camps. Purist Saabisti who believe that a Saab should only ever be either a two-stroke or a four cylinder turbo, and journos who consider it their job to hit easy targets with soundbite quality lines.
  • The fact that Saab have two utilitarian AWD vehicles in the pipeline, a crossover 9-3 coming soon and the 9-4x coming a little later.
  • Saab is not “just a brand”. I met enough Swedes back in June in the company’s home town who believe in the future of the company and the products they’ll be making to continue my own dedication to Saab. Yeah, it’s globalised and part of the GM structure, but it contributes a heck of a lot more than just a blue badge. (turbocharging and E85 expertise, XWD expertise etc).
  • ——

    Autoblog, next time you’re covering Saab, please get in touch.

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    1. Yeah, well put, Swade. It’s annoying to see those “dudes'” total lack of information on what is going on with Saab, such as the gleaming “maybe Saab should be coming up with a CUV later on yea dude” when their own website has featured news about the 9-4X on several occasions.

      That’s one of the downsides of the Internet; you’d rarely have someone as uninformed as those guys were talk about Saab on CNN or BBC. But in all fairness this is also part Saab Marketing fault: they need to improve their communication with the media, blogs included.

      Overall, Auto Blog is a decent news resource for all things automotive, although I also regularly follow more serious sources such as Winding Road. Would love to see you on the next Saab podcast though, Swade: Defender of the Faith. πŸ˜‰

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