Born From Jets, indeed

Couldn’t resist. Olav’s 9-5 interior.

He always signs off his emails “from Olav, who still takes the long road home.”

Way cool. Click to enlarge. I love this interior.

Saab 9-5 interior

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  1. That looks like a sony ericsson bluetooth integration pon on the dash board, does anybody know how this integrates for wireless handsfree communicating????

  2. I’ve always liked 9-5 interiors. Thats one of the reasons I bought one 🙂

    I can’t say I’m a fan of the brushed aluminium / titatium / whatever that is though.

    IMHO the OE wood dash looks MUCH MUCH better.

  3. I want to know about the Blue tooth also. That is a really nice looking unit. My local dealer wants me to give them one of my grandchildren to pay for it (my hcildren are all grown or they would ask for one of them) Maybe you can get Olav on the line.

  4. I have a bluetooth devise in my car by Parret, it cost me £150 fitted by a local shop. very neat too. It can have upto 5 bluetooth phones (and phone books) connected to it. I’ll give Swade a photo of it tomorrow.

  5. hi robin, how does the integration work with respect to the audio system/speakers of a saab. I have an 07 9-3 ss????? fitted with onstar and navigation(factory).


  6. I agree with mattlach, brushed aluminum is an annoying fad. Every consumer electronics company is suddenly putting it on everything. It looks cheap. Even if that isn’t brushed aluminum on that 9-5, I’m still not a fan of light-colored dashboards (but that’s just me). I’m really happy that my car has the wood trim (which is odd. My 900, by all accounts, is trimmed below the base model for 96, yet it has the spiffy wood grain trim. If only it were on the wheel, too)

    Other than that, though, the 9-5 does have a cool interior. I love the curved dash that flows into the center console, it makes me feel like a captain.

    Speaking of which, does anyone know where I can get a new steering wheel for my 96 900S?

  7. That certainly is a fine looking interior. Very light and airy with the aluminium trim and a nice touch with the matching pedals. Although, my preference is for the carbon fibre trim I can see merit in the aluminium trim.

    I saw a friend’s car (volvo s60 from 2000) with a similar blue tooth unit. Details on how the integration works with a 9-5 would be good. Do you need the phone integration kit to hold the phone, as pictured in Olav’s car?

  8. hi dragan, my bluetooth works with the saab radio/speakers. I beleive it was as simple as contecting one wire and the saab radio did the rest. on the back of my radio it had a wire marked phone. the parrot is attached to my lower centre console by sticky back velcro so IF i sell my car i can take it with me. the hole in the button blank is one wire wide and can be very easily replaced. I have put a picture on my flickr account.
    As you can see I too love the brushed aluminium look although mine has a shine too it, not mat.

    Click to see my Dash

  9. Thanks for all kind feedback :). My bluetooth is a Sony Ericsson unit, and I got it delivered with the car when I bought it new in 2005. My 9-5 Vector (in Aero trim) was prepared for handsfree phone and according to my dealer it was a breeze to install this bluetooth unit. It is using the original microphone (actually they changed it to a stronger one, still original SAAB) mounted in the roof in front of the mirror and the bluetooth unit is integrated with the audiosystem what means when I receive a call the SID shows up with “TELEPHONE” and the audio system mutes down automatically so I can hear the conversation through the audiosystem. I can also off course adjust the volume both from the steering wheel or directly on the bluetooth controller. Another nice feature ist that when I enter the car the system recognize my cellphone automatically, I don’t need to place it in the ‘docking- and chargingstation’. The bluetooth unit on the dashboard is controlling the phone, I can use voice reckognition as well if I have programmed my phone for it. I am very happy with this solution. Off course the bluetooth controll unit could have been more integrated with the interior, but where I have placed it it is covering some black plastic shields and since the unit is in ‘alu style’ I think it matches the interior fair enough. Besides, I can reach the unit with my fingertip witout moving my hands from the steering wheel.

    Regarding the interior trim it is off course a matter of taste. My previous 9-5 had wooden trim and I wasn’t very happy with it, I planned actually to change it with ‘alu trim’ but I found it too much expensive at that time.
    It was interesting to read about robin m’s alutrim with a shine on it. I think they are both the same but I guess my photo doesn’t capture any shine very well. I might be wrong though, maybe there are several different alu variants as well.

    I love the 9-5 and all their variants, and I am gonna keep this car for a long time 🙂

    Take care all, and drive safely!

  10. Update on the previous message:
    Sony Ericsson is listing phones that can be used with this unit, but they are off course only showing Sony Ericsson phones. I am using a Nokia and my wife’s phone is a new one wich I can’t recall what brand it is (I haven’t heard of it before!). Both works as champs with the Sony Ericsson unit.

  11. Olav,

    Me too don’t like wooden trim in cars. I thought it was ugly in my first 99 (remember, the high quality paper on the dash…), and I still don’t like it.

  12. Saaboy wrote:
    Saaboy // Aug 2, 2007 at 3:30 am

    ewwww, why do i like saabs?

    haha very yummy, hirsch pedals! I love the plug in light thing…

    This plug in light thing is a original SAAB accessory:

    Reading lamp
    Make yourself at home. This halogen reading lamp with matt black finish and flexible arm provides a powerful light, yet discreet enough to be used by the front passenger without distracting the driver.

    Plugs into the cigarette lighter socket, suitable for both cars and caravans.

    Model: 9-3 Sport Sedan
    9-3 SportCombi
    9-3 Convertible ≥ 2004
    9-5 Sedan
    9-5 SportCombi
    9-3 Coupé
    9-3 5 Door
    9-3 Convertible ≤ 2003

    Model year: 1998 –
    Part no.**: 238100002

    ** Please contact your local retailer for latest details.

  13. Saaboy wrote:
    I love the plug in light thing…
    It’s a original SAAB accessory.

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