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My thanks to David W for spotting this at Winding Road and shooting it through for the month of 900 loving. Though I’m not sure how loved this 900 is given the scarring it’s showing on the hood.


I can sympathise, though, as I constantly battle a skin condition that leaves my forehead looking exactly like that.

Of course, the other notable on this car is the airbrushed front number plate:


I’ve never been big on naming my cars, though I know the 900 is one of those personality cars that could well earn a nickname.

I’m not sure it’s 900 loving, but it’s noted.

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  1. Robin, are there any pictures of this airbrushed battery box, because I’m kinda curious what one would airbrush on a battery box.

  2. Jeff, go to Flickr and look for a user there called Trollpowersaab. I’m sure Robin’s got some batterybox pics there somewhere. Also, check out the cool blue interior lighting and the custom made door sills. Neat stuff.

  3. Well, I was really referring to the ‘bought-it-at-the-boardwalk’ quickie type of thing.

    Your battery box is a little more artistic than your average ‘Brandon & Tiffany’ license plate or ‘Myrtle Beach 2006’ t-shirt.

  4. Well, I was going to click on the Flickr account earlier, but I thought I’d ask anyway, in case there were ten thousand pictures in the account. My internet has been pretty slow recently and I didn’t want to sift through a bunch of pictures for nothing.

    I like that battery box a lot, and the rest of the car is cool too.

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