Collecting the 900 Aero

Howdy folks.

I have finally made it to Sydney and collected the 900 Aero. I arrived a little later than expected, but had a great afternoon with Simon, the guy I bought the car from. Simon comes from a long-time Saab owning family and I got an almost-full account of their current fleet today.

He picked me up in his ’77 model 99GL, which is the car he’s currently restoring. Not that it looks like it needs much. Then came time for a run in the Aero. Seeing it was a great thing in itself. Driving it was even better. I’m pretty tired right now, so I’ll leave my thoughts about it until later, when I’m better equipped to put them together, but suffice to say that I’m pretty pleased to have some classic Swedish metal heading for my garage.

Next we took his immaculate 99T for a run, which was once again an experience of almost spiritual proportions.

The highlight of the day, however, was dinner. Eight of us converged on the Belgian Beer Cafe here in Sydney, including one guy I’d never met who ourchased a Viggen just last week. Dinner was great, but afters was even better.

We all gathered in the carpark, pulled the cars in from their various parking spots and then proceeded to swap keys and take each other’s cars for a quick spin down the street. Richo’s Viggen was particularly popular given that he’s recently installed the BSR upgrade – and it flies!!

There was a fair amount of fascination in Matt’s Viggen as well. He’s had it a week and got it for a song. Like Richo’s and mine, it’s a 99 model, but with a few more kms on it. Still, at the price he got it for, he’s laughing. It’s even got extra carbon fibre trim around the window controls. We hated him after we saw that.

Driving these two Viggens gave me huge wave of nostalgia. This 900 Areo’s going to be great, but after a night back in a Viggen it’s really going to be hard decision if I ever have to decide between them.

I also had the pleasure of finally meeting up with Joe Lobo, a long-time visitor and commenter at this site. Joe’s 2002 Aero lit up the carpark. It truly was an incredibly well presented car and after only ever seeing photos it was a pleasure to behold the 18″ wheels in all their glory.

Another guy at the dinner who I hadn’t met, Ferdinand, had just bought a 2001 9-3 S with only 35,000 kms on it and I swear it looked just like it had come out of the showroom. Not a mark on it. Another interesting note from Ferdinand, however, is that he’s the first Aussie I’ve met or heard of to prepare his purchase order for a 2008 Saab 9-3. The papers aren’t signed yet, but the wheels are in motion and he looked happy as a clam about it, too.

Conditions weren’t good for taking photos, but Ferdinand and Joe squeezed off these ones in difficult conditions regardless. I, rather stupidly, left my camera in the Aero, which was parked back at Simon’s place.

Saab Meet Sydney

Saab Sydney

We had six cars there between 8 people. Simon’s 99GL was there, as well as Paul H’s other car, a BMW six series from the 80s.

It was a brilliant night. We were out i the carpark almost as long as we were in the restaurant. Like a bunch of teenages, checking out under the hoods of each car and discussing the relative merits of various mods.

The best Saab meet I’ve been to in ages.

Here’s Joe, Richo, and some goofball in the middle. A great night. I’ll snap off some Aero pics tomorrow, but’s going to be a 10+ hour drive so there may not be too much going on until I get back to Melbourne and settle in.

Three Stooges

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  1. There’s a very funny Monty Python sketch which, IIRC, lambasts the Belgians.

    Back to the topic at hand – congratulations ! It’s a good choice.

    I think every Saabisti should keep a c900 turbo around, simply as a reference point for the epitomé of Saabness.

  2. Congrats, swade!

    Can tell you share the same comraderie Down Under with saab pilots like we do with our neighborly brethens across the Causeway (Malaysia).

    I live in Singapore and have NEVER seen a Viggen much less sat in one. Must really be something else, especially the modded up ones 😉

    Have a great drive home. Enjoy.

  3. Indeed it was a great night and I am so pleased I met with all of you. I was highly impressed by the neatness of all cars as mine was just another one in the pack. I woke up still thinking about Simon’s 99 GL and Matt’s Viggen that is so immaculate. To close the night Richo chassed me a bit heading off and we went through some of the best bends in town heading up hill. When I saw the Vigg in the rear mirror I though this is the best end to the night as we were approaching this section. A poor Merc old driver we overtook wouldn’t have known what passed him as both machines accelerated with the deep low turbo noise. This was very exhilarating and Richo’s skills and daring speed took over. I wish I had a video camera like Swade’s.

  4. sounds like fun! congrats swade…

    um. about the c900 vs. viggen. you’re kidding right?

    if we all had a choice between a brand new spg/aero vs. a viggen, i think its a pretty clear decision…

  5. Saaboy – I can’t tell which one you’d go with. I’d have a hard time choosing. I really like c900s, but I’ve really gotten used to my NG900, so a 9-3 wouldn’t be a very big leap, but c900s are so cool, but the 9-3 is more modern, and so on and so forth.

    I can’t wait to see brand new pics of the new Aero.

    Also, Swade, smile more, you look less mean :p

  6. Jeff,

    actually thinking about what I said is making things hard for me… just kidding…

    i would take the c900. although viggens are glorious…

  7. Steve, will you catch up with alex R and Steve B when in Melbourne? If so get alex or Steve to give me a call would like to catch up for a bevvy, also we have to at least provide some Melbourne based SAAB experience as Steve and Alex with the twin 9.3 Aeros and a dash of my 9.5 Aero could be a great send off before you navigate the tepid waters of Bass strait

  8. Happy sailing, Steve, hope you’ve packed plenty of barf bags.!

    It’s always an experience on that ferry. Last time I can recall stumbling up the hallway for the toilet at 3:00 am, blocking some old duck’s view of telly as I paused to cover my mouth. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that bloody fried rice, let alone the roast beef afterwards. Oh, and that mudcake. And those drinks. “You’re blocking the telly” she said. “Ah, shaddup”, I replied, stumbling away. Bleeeeuuuuuuurrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh. Sitting in the toilet, feeling the boat heave and bulkheads flex under me, watching the gaps in the toilet door open and close with each wave…….then it suddenly swings open, hitting me in the head. Bleeuuuurrrrrgggggghhh. I stumbled back past the old duck and her telly, mumbling as I did so, before flaking out on the lounge in the hallway for another 40mins……and then it starts all over again. Bleuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

    Never again.


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