Elkparts has idea – light goes on!

UPDATE: John has just let me know that if people sign up to receive the newsletter at Motorbulbs, you receive a discount on your purchase.


How much attention do you pay to details on your Saab such as lighting? Questions of detail can often be used to signify how hardcore a carfan someone is. Which means I mustn’t be too big a carfan as I’d never considered my lighting to be too big a concern. I turned the switch and the lights came on.

I certainly noticed the difference when I changed to better bulbs, though.

Phillips H4 bulbsElkparts has expanded and started a new operation called Motorbulbs, which as the name suggests, is primarily concerned with light bulbs for your car. As mentioned, I changed mine over earlier this year when I received a set of Phillips H4 bulbs for my Viggen and the difference was…..illuminating.

Visibility was definitely enhanced with a whiter light reaching much further, but still not dazzling any oncoming vehicles. It’s something you probably wouldn’t consider until you needed to replace your bulbs, but when you do the difference is noticable.

Motorbulbs offers a huge range of bulbs – headlamps, foglamps, brake/tail lamps and indicators – and they’ll get to you via free worldwide shipping.

And just in case you lose track of where this entry is in the blog archives, there’s a link in the Parts and Performance area of the sidebar.


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  1. I’ve got the MY03 Aero Convertible with Bi-Xenon lights, the difference is overwhelming. Driving with my girlfrieds Peugeot at night is like walking in the dark with candles 🙂

  2. I’m a bit confused (more like clueless). I’ve been thinking about upgrading, even though the halogens in my 9-3 are better than any halogens I’ve ever seen. Can the Osram Cool Blue H7 or Philips Blue Vision H7 be used in place of the standard 55 watt halogen H7 bulbs in a 9-3? They are Xenon filled, but it seems like they are implying that they can replace the halogen H7 bulbs.
    I’m not sure about Europe, but I would be careful about their “By Vehicle” chart. It says H4 for the 9-3. My 2004 9-3 uses H7.

  3. I’m not sure about Europe, but I would be careful about their “By Vehicle” chart. It says H4 for the 9-3. My 2004 9-3 uses H7.

    You neglected to mention that it goes on to say:

    Note: The information given above is as a guide only. Due to manufacturer variations between models and model years this information is not necessarily definitive. If you are in any doubt as to which bulb your vehicle requires, always check your vehicle handbook for confirmation before placing your order.

  4. You could have told me about the discount before I just bought $120aud worth of stuff!

    just bought the Philips H7 Xtreme for my maind and the Philips H7 Rally for my high beams.

    Don’t think the Rally’s are legal in aus, and might even melt the lenses, but I’m in the country and saves me fitting spotties!

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