Friday night snippets

Saab Switzerland have updated their website to make it all 2008-savvy.

They appear to have a new Carlsson model available as well. What’s going on with that?

And if that picture of a Snow Silver Aero SportCombi alone isn’t enough to make you want to order one then I reckon you need your head read.

Swiss Saab site

The Carlsson model seems to be limited to the Saab 9-5 and incorporates a body kit, 17″ wheels and BioPower. There’s a few other bits and pieces in there as well, but my German isn’t so good.


We all know that the James Bond books had Bond driving a Saab 900 at one stage.

John has pointed out a thing with Bond’s Silver Beast that I’d neglected, which appears to be quite relevant given Saab’s current emphasis on BioPower.

Bond’s 900 was capable of running on either gasoline or gasohol, which is basically what we call E10 today.

Life imitating art?


Hyundai SaabSpeaking of things being imitated…..

Hyundai have built a car company based on two things – reasonably reliable cheap cars, and copying decent designs from other companies. There’s been Merc-based Hyundais in the past, Toyota-based Hyundais and I reckon one of their SUVs looked like the 9-7x at one stage.

Now there’s this sketch. Does that D-pillar look familiar? The Hyundai SportCombi is on it’s way to a showroom near you.

Thanks Peter!


Those Brits and their dry sense of humour!

This is the headline on the standard version of the Saab Turbo-X press release that came out today:

Saab Reborn

And this is the headline on the UK version of the same press release:

Saab Rebjorn


A short video for classic 900 month. Thanks Ivan!

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  1. My German skills are limited, although I am studying to be a German minor, but it will have:

    either a gasoline engine with 210 bhp or a biopower engine with 220 bhp.

    17″ light (weight-wise) rims

    Pleasing aesthetic front spoiler

    High-quality interior materials with chrome overlays

    i’m not sure about the last one, but something with sport-driving and high; I assume a tweaked suspension

  2. You are even using some of my favorite quotes here: “You need to get your head read”. This is so true and universal. Absolutely, you do want to order one now. I am already having internal problems as my wife has heard me raving about the new 9-3 X series, Black Turbo etc etc. Now she’s hinting that she also wants a new 9-3 08 X Station Wagon as her new car. I may loose my Black Turbo altogether. Maybe I should keep my mouth shot !!!

  3. Swade, you have been busy. I was only away for 2 days, I think its going to take a day to catch up on all this reading, sorry to hear about the viggen.

  4. I recently went to Trollhattan and saw a MY07 convertible in Snow Silver. As an avid white car-lover, I was a bit disappointed…to the point that I would rather pocket the $550 and stick with Polar White.

    There are times when it does look white, but it’s basically “light, light silver” — which is EXACTLY what the word “Snow” implies.

    Maybe it’s me and I got my hopes up too much for something more white. Regardless, I can’t wait to see a MY08 sedan in Polar White.

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