German Saab assault is nigh!

Saab of Germany have now updated their website to show off the new 2008 Saab 9-3 in all its great-looking glory. I haven’t written much about the 08 in the last few weeks and seeing it again today on that site was a fresh reminder of what a great job they’ve done with this car.

Saab Germany

And in other German news, it’s is hoped – by this little black duck at least – that Saab will also gain a windfall from the decision to re-unveil the Cadillac BLS wagon and the Cadillac CTS at the Frankfurt Motor Show – and despite the presence of the new CTS for 2008 they’re touting the BLS Wagon as the star of the show.

Here’s your star attraction:

Cadillac BLS

I hope the Saab stand is strategically positioned to catch show-goers as they pass from the Caddy display. The Saab stand’s always a nice place to hang out with its relaxed atmosphere and some people are going to need some soothing.

All kidding (or not) aside, allow me to do a virtual raising of a glass in celebration of the new 9-3 and my hope that it can make some inroads into the German market. Saab could really do with some success there.

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  1. This is such a SAAB, not a real caddie. Just in case i’m misunderstood, this is a SAAB compliment and i hate the association with caddie.

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