It’s 900 pickup day!

And it’s off to a bad start, with Swade-induced delays. All a bit too embarassing to talk about really, but lets just say that I’ve now got plenty of time here at the airport to have a shave, write this post, etc etc. I’m quite sure Richo will tell you all about it in comments. I’m too embrassed to write about it.

This is the first time I’ve checked the site since putting up last night’s posts, most particularly the one for the number plate competition.

I did have one in mind before posting it, and yes, it has been thought of by someone and entered, but there’s so many good ones on there it’s actually made the job a little more difficult than I thought. Some excellent creativity been exhibited and definitely some combinations I hadn’t given any thought to whatsoever.

Gotta run, as I only have 30 minutes of web time and maybe there’s some actual news out there somewhere….



OK, there’s not so much news out there from my quick scan.

There IS a good review of the 9-3 SportCombi, however. My favourite new Saab. Here’s a sample.

In just about every respect, the SportCombi is still very much a Saab. It has the ignition key on the floor, those excellent aircraft-style flow-through heat/air-conditioning vents, topnotch instrumentation, and arguably the most comfortable front bucket seats in the industry. Although they weren’t the best-built cars on the road, the non–GM models were always entertaining to drive and that hasn’t changed. I looked forward to sliding behind the wheel of this car every chance I got, and were I in the market for a station wagon, it would be on my shortlist just for its comfort factor.

Boarding time!!

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  1. That’ll teach you to dress like a muslim and try and board a flight in John Howards Australia!

    Lucky you had a razor with you to shave that long beard and look like a respectful anglo again.

  2. Wow I haven’t been back here for a while and the day I do I notice you’ve been to the airport today.. I was there at 5am in my Saab dropping flatmate’s off. Just thought it was kind of a coincidence and all, but totally irrelevant I guess.

    I was never totally sure if you were in Tassie, not many blogs this great come out of our little island, especially a Saab one.

  3. Mo, yes. Brown trousers, neatly ironed shirt, check v-neck jumper, shoes either sandals or brown lace-ups. Hair neatly combed, ears sticking out a bit, topped off with 70-s style spectacles with ‘clip on’ sunglass lenses (usually folded up). Big gold wedding ring, Citizen or other cheap gold watch, and photos of al seven family members in your brown leather wallet.

    Did I omit anything?


  4. Drew just described half of Tasmania in one hit.
    They might not all be Christian,but they sure dress that way.
    Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1799.

  5. Steve, I can only assume you floored it along Holyman Avenue, ran wide on the last bend before the terminal and ended up in the thicket of grevillea bushes harbouring a den of vicious, mixo-infected rabbits. There were skidmarks, but not on the road. You unsuccessfully attempted to make airport staff aware of your plight, but they turned out to be bastards, whereupon you were left high and dry with only a roll of toilet paper, some rego papers and a beard trimmer. Correct?


  6. Just got home from a rather nice meal with Swade and some other Sydney Saabisti. Swade is in rude health judging by his appearance and only the slight tissue scars from the handcuffs give any indication of his time being held firmly by the fuzz.

    Richo, i floored the 6er on the approach to the Anzac Bridge but the memory of the Viggen was still in my right foot and i felt soooo slooooooow getting up to speed in the Beemer. I wonder if there’s room in the driveway for a Viggen of my own…hmm. Power does corrupt doesn’t it?

  7. OK, I’m not into reading between lines in Aussie speak. Can we have a Queens English explanation of what took place this morning? 🙂

  8. Was Richo just joking or did Swade really get detained by airport security? You Aussies are a hard lot to figure out. 🙂

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