How to get Hirsch products when they’re not sold in your country

Hirsch wheelOne of the things that’s really annoying about being here in Australia, and in the US, is that we don’t yet have Hirsch’s range of Saab products available to us. Saab in both those countries (and I’d imagine others where Hirsch isn’t sold) keep saying that they’re going to establish a relationship with Hirsch, but for reasons they like to keep close to their chest, they don’t seem to be doing so in a hurry.

There is a way to get hold of some of Hirsch’s goodies, however. Not all of them, but some.

Long-time site supporters Elkparts have a number of Hirsch products available and I don’t see any notes there that say they can’t sell them into certain markets.

Engine tuning is not available through Elkparts, but many of Hirsch’s interior and exterior products are available, as well as brake and suspension kits for certain models.

Hirsch leather dashBe warned. Hirsch products aren’t cheap. They’re the only tuner backed by Saab and Hirsch modifications are generally covered by your Saab warranty, though you may want to check into that if you’re ordering from a country like Australia or the US, where there’s no official relationship with Hirsch yet.

Some products, like the leather dash pictured, could also be pretty tricky to fit on your own. They look sensational, however, and the performance products are engineered to the highest standards. Anyone who’s driven a Hirsch-tuned vehicle can tell you that they’ve got heaps of presence and buckets of response if they’ve got the engine and suspension tune-ups as well.

Click on the foillowing to look over the full range of Hirsch products available through Elkparts.

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  1. I bought the Hirsch grille for the 9-5 from Elkparts, the saving in VAT nearly covered the postage to Oz. I also bought my Aero wheels, foglights and Emma The Elk from them. Regarding the wheels, with import duty and postage they were still significantly cheaper than buying from the dealer here in Sydney and the exchange rate against the pound is hardly in our favour.

  2. Thanks swade this is gold. I has me thinking now that instead of adding sports suspension from SAAB i should just get standard and buy the Hirsch equip.

    Which would be better i wonder.

  3. A funny thing about Hirsch that I keep thinking of relates to the fact that they’re a Swiss company.

    On one of the “challenges” on Top Gear (I think it was when Clarkson was racing Hammond and May from London to somewhere in the Italian Alps where Clarkson was in an Aston-Martin and Hammond and May took a plane) while driving through Switzerland Clarkson kept complaining about the Swiss, about how they hate cars and they hate speed and that they’re basically big fuddie-duddies (my words, not his). He had to lower his speed while driving in Switzerland so as to not risk getting a speeding ticket. Anyone else see this episode and remember so they can back me up on this?

  4. Yep. That was the big race with the Bugatti and Hamster and Capt Slow in a plane. Jeremy got help up behind a tractor or something IIRC.

  5. This has nothing to do with Hirsch but is mod related.

    My steering wheel is cracked on the top and it scratches up my hand when it spins around. I’m thinking of getting an aftermarket leather steering wheel cover (it won’t match anything in my car, as I don’t have leather, but nothing beats the feeling of a leather steering wheel) from these guys. Basically, I’m wondering if there are any other solutions. None of the Saab parts places I’ve looked at carry steering wheels for my car, so I’m not totally sure what my best course of action is here. Help?

  6. Yes, i remember this. Funny episode. Clarksons just a cynical soul by nature.

    Swade, wasn’t that the epsiode where Clarkson took the car and Hammond & the cap took public transport (train boat etc). I think it was through central Europe to the Netherlands?

    What a top show.

  7. I think they had another reason to hate the Swiss. Switzerland had a ban on motor racing for 52 years, between 1955 and 2007.

  8. Don’t forget guys, the carbon leather dash isn’t available on RHD cars, only LHD. So anyone driving on the incorrect side of the road gets lucky here.

  9. Interesting about the Swiss and motor vehicles. At traffic lights on red (Stop) you have to turn your engine off, or if you are at a junction with more than two (or three?) cars queuing in front of you.

    Despite the supression of motoring expression in sensible cuckoo clock, chocolate land, you do have Hirsch doing their Saab tuning and Rinspeed doing all kinds of off-the-wall concepts and projects. 🙂

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