Is this one of the 1977 99T’s

I posted about the new US registry for 99 Turbos earlier today.

As I was reading through it, I came to know that 100 units of the 99 Turbo were shipped to the US for the press and I assume, for dealers, in 1977. I’d suggest that these would be highly prized vehicles give that they’re so small in number and so significant in not only the history of Saab, but also in the history of turbocharging.

In comments on that article, Dan posted that there was 99T for sale not far from where he lives. Being a little curious, I took a look and it seems that it might be one of those 100 99T’s from 1977.

What’s more, it’s a 2-door rather than the regular 3-door 99T. Which would make it even rarer. Click to enlarge.

2 door Saab 99 Turbo

It’d be great to authenticate the claims made about this car. It’d have to be a fair collector’s piece if all that’s written about it on the seller’s site proved to be true.

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  1. The first one I ever saw at a dealer was a 2 door. I liked the way they put the boost gauge on top of the dash (visible in photo). It made it seem extra special.

  2. Hey Swade,
    I also want to add that I saw this vehicle in person, and it is in stunning condition.
    The owner/operator also has a perfect 1999 Viggen in his personal collection(replacement for your ride? 🙂 as well as another 99(though it was under wraps, it might have been a 1978 Turbo), and a pristine 1989 SPG, which I was in the process of considering buying from him last winter. I ended up buying a 9-5 Aero in the end, since it would be a crime to make such a nice SPG a daily driver. The second I can afford owning two Saabs though is the day I search for a nice 99 Turbo or 900 SPG (or 900 CE!!!

    Anyway, this guy has a fine collection of Swedish steel. I am truly envious.

  3. Beautiful. Check out the TVR that they have in stock. Coincidentally, there is another TVR for sale very close to me… I was thinking I needed to go for a quick test drive (hehe).

  4. This car is owned by Rich Kushner of Swedish Motors. He’s got the official log books of the car which indicate that it is actually one of the factory test cars. I have some photos of it that I’ll have to put on the computer and send.

  5. It has EMS wheels- so may be one of the very early EMS-Turbo cars from the factory before the full ‘Turbo’ branding was running.

    Although some of the EMS-Turbo cars had both sets of badges.

    Buy my book (now reprinted) to read more!

  6. Oh and the steering wheel is non-standard- so too is the steel -chrome look wheel arch trim.

    The door mirrors are correct though -nice

    As for 2 doors not 3 – makes this car all the more interesting….

  7. Lance,
    About the chrome-look wheel arch trim. I see from the 78 brochures that the Turbo had black, but all the other models including the EMS had the chrome-look (USA). Is it possible that the chrome-look is correct for an early notchback (2-door) test car?

  8. Ted,

    Thats why I raised it – the EMS had shiny trim – but then there is also the trim spec for the US market issue to consider.

    EMS notchbacks had steel chrome look wheel trims in some markets. But the first real 99 turbos were 3 door coupes. Except of course when Saab were palying EMS-turbo games.

    I reckon this is an early US market car – and rare. Maybe the wheel arch finisher was added later… No headlamp wipers either on round lamp US spec cars…


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