Monday Night Snippets

There’s been some additions to people’s access to Saab memorabilia in the last few days….


Ryan at Saabhistory has received a generous donation from a former Saab employee. There’s a bunch of videotapes as well as seemingly countless press releases and other archival material.

Check his site for the full(ish) list. I’m sure it’ll all come to light in the fullness of time.


Saab Turbo Ad Sourced via an entry at Saab Central, here’s a brilliant archive of press material gathered over the years.

The collector is named “Stigs” and the collection really is substantial. I’ve just pulled one item down (click to enlarge), but there must be over 100 scanned pages there.

It’s all there on his Photobucket site, which he’s advertised publicly. Some of the articles are in English and some are in Swedish and there’s all manner of models covered there from the 96 to the 9000 and probably beyond (I haven’t had time to look at them all yet). There’s even a big article on the EV-1.

The archive is here and I think we all owe Stigs a debt of gratitude for making it available.


Many of you are aware of Ivan, the guy whose T-Shirts I feature here in the TS Shop section.

A friend of his has got a real yearning to acquire a Saabo caravan. Naturally, these don’t come up for sale very often, so I thought I’d put the word out on the site here.

If you know of a Saabo for sale, please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with Ivan. The buyer is a hardcore Saab nut so it’ll definitely go to a good home.


Here’s a pointer as to how things can go wrong with websites.

When I did the changeover to a new content management system, the URLs for individual entries had to be looked at so that they’d carry over from one system to another. We managed to set it up so that they should have, but it seems some didn’t.

I now have 664 URLs, or individual entries at this site, that Google gets a 404 page for (i.e. not found) because the URL has changed. I’ve just spent a couple of hours entering removal requests for 500 of these so that Google can trust the site a little more.

The fight continues.

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  1. Changing the structure of any website is always a bitch and never goes perfectly, ask any sysadmin or webmaster and they’ll tell you that. At least there weren’t any problems on this end.

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