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This latest instalment is one that I’ve been waiting for, for a while now.

Eggs n Grits has been a supporter of this site from the get-go. He’s a frequent contributor in comments, occasional writer of articles and he’s even been a T-shirt model!!

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Eggs is a C900 guy and this is how he rolls:


Eggs C900 before shot Three years ago, I decided that I’d gone long enough without a Saab, and I bought my 1988 900 turbo convertible from a guy advertising on Saabnet. The car, being in New Jersey, I hadn’t seen until the truck arrived two weeks later. It had been sitting for four or five years in this guy’s garage, so I figured that the low price ($2500) and low miles (104k) would make up for any surprises if there were any.

I bought it knowing that the car was a fixer-upper. The pictures showed the car’s dull finish, and that the pinstripe had long since faded into more of an irregular dotted line. On the plus side, the A/C worked, the cruise control worked, the top was four years old and it drove pretty well considering that it had barely been driven in five years or so. Eggs C900 interior One surprise — the top’s hydraulic mechanism made a REALLY loud popping noise when the top was raised or lowered. What the heck was that?

One month later, I was out driving the family around when the transmission started sounding a lot like a truck at speeds above 40 mph. I filed that away for future reference. Of course, one week later the transmission failed. The dreaded pinion bearing failure. It’s hard to know how to get home when every time you depress the clutch the transmission locks the front wheels up!

After a few days of pricing and study, I decided to fix the car. Or, more correctly, get Joe at the local Saab shop (now Eurofix) to fix it. He rebuilt the transmission, and after a few other things (seals, alternator), I was $2600 poorer, but I had a low-mileage Saab with a rebuilt transmission and a clean bill of health on the turbo. It could have easily gone the other way, with the car becoming parts.

Eggs C900 Since then, I’ve added the three-spoke directionals from a ’93 9000, I’ve re-worked the top mechanism at least three times, re-wired the ignition, and re-finished or replaced virtually every plastic piece on the car. The paint restoration is finally looking pretty good, and Leatherique and Liquid Leather worked wonders on the seats. Currently, I still need to make the engine compartment look better, and the #&$% catalytic converter heat shield is rattling AGAIN.

It has definitely been worth it. It starts on the first crank every time, it has the distinctive Saab exhaust note and is a blast to drive. No performance modifications at all, but it still has the quickness to put a smile on your face. People around here think I’m insane to drive around with the top down on 40-degree days and 100-degree days, but I love it!

PS — The car’s name is Dag. My wife wanted to name it (she remembered that my friend Rob dubbed my ’93 SPG Sven), so she asked me what Swedish name I preferred. My first inclination was Kjell, since I’ve known at least three Swedes by that name. Karl was out, as were Olaf and Per. I remembered that Dag Hammarskjöld was a man of perseverance (who says that 8th-grade history is a waste of time?), and the name was settled.


Here’s one more pic, but there’s a bunch more here at Flickr. Thanks Eggs!!

Saab 900 Convertible


It’s the month of classic 900 loving here at Trollhattan Saab. A month to celebrate the most readily identifiable Saab there is. This weekend I’ve featured a number of cars and bits of info about the C900 and it’s only getting started.

If you’ve got a C900, or you had one, and you’ve got a story to tell and a few pics to share, then get in touch.

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  1. Not anything on the OG 900, but a rather good review of the anneversery edition from Toronto Star.

    Also a few other comments:
    Regarding quality issues. We all know that saab have had quality problems, and that is something that needs to be addressed. However there is a huge opportunity to make success being a small manufacturer above average quality on only a few models can make huge impact on the surveys. Furthermore given the results of buick etc there must be know how in the GM family to learn from. The comments made on the blog are likely not to be representative for all cars sold, as its usually the one that have had problems that make them self heard.

    Re 280hp on the black turbo. Think that it will be an ass kicker no matter what, and maybe that will be the car introducing bio power in the us with >300hp on e85?

    Finally – swade thanks for all your work on this site. I feel sorry for you that the migration did not go as planned, but I am sure that you will find a way to make google find the site and continue the increase in readers. You are doing a great work with lots of people appreciating it!


  2. since a year i own a c900 cabriolet too… a beautiful car, i love it… and i’m thinking to chance my daily car (9-3 S 2.2 TiD MY 99) to an second classic 900…

    i love the classic 900… he had a timeless design.

    the cabriolet was my on gift after the finish of my study…

    and i have seen, that other classic cabriolet drivers in vienna greeting together.. nice sign…

  3. Eggs, thanks for showing the car. The car definitely looks better with the 3 spokes. But how did you get 9000 rims fit under the wheel arches? Mine always rubbed.

    As to replacing the tranny, I decided against it after replacing the engine already in my 2nd C900. But hopefully for you, the tranny will last many miles.

    The Cleveland area has three SAAB dealerships, so we see lots of Saabs around. I saw a black convertible with tan leather seats last week which looked real nice.

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