New 99 register

One of my favourite Saab models, the 99 Turbo, has a new register for interested owners to post their cars AND their knowledge to.

Saab 99 Turbo register

Kurt H has established a 99T registry based in the US. The original intent was to trace the initial run of 1978 99 Turbos that were released in the US, along with the 100 1977 models that landed there for the press and were later sold to the public (how valuable would they be??).

That ongoing mission has now expanded to take in all 99 Turbos (tip for Kurt – get in touch with Brendan) and there’s cars on there from Sweden already, as well as the core crowd of US 99s.

The register’s not only recording 99 owners and locations, though. Kurt is also looking to compile an online collection of 99 Turbo information and advertising.

If you’ve got a 99 Turbo then click on through, check it out and most importantly, add your car to the register.


I can’t believe the saab99turbo URL was still available!

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  1. Every time I go on ebay, they never have any 99s for sale. In the “other” section, there’s generally three cars at any given time: a Sonett III that comes with a box containing most of the powertrain, a fully restored 96, and a very rusty 95 (this is generalizing, of course). I think I’ve seen one 99 in there. It was bright yellow and really cheap…but it was in California 🙁

    Driving a 99T is next on my To Do list after driving a 900 Turbo.

  2. I’ve looked at the ones on Saabnet. I just think it’s odd that they turn up so rarely on Ebay. I go on Ebay Motors when I’m bored to look at cars I can’t afford (I literally have no money), so going on Saabnet specifically to sift through their horribly layed out classified section isn’t too exciting for me, as they don’t usually tend to have lots of pictures I can lust after.

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