New Hirsch dual exhaust for Saab 9-5

Hirsch have released a new dual exhaust for the 2006-onwards Saab 9-5.

Hirsch dual exhaust Saab 9-5

The new Hirsch Performance dual exhaust system made of stainless steel gives the Saab 9-5 a sporty appearance. Carefully tuned mufflers and resonators provide a powerful deep sound without being too loud, and the flow optimized tubing reduces back pressure. With the large dual tailpipes and the corresponding rear skirt, the Saab 9-5 looks just as sporty as it is.

Customer benefits:

    • sporty, powerful sound, without being too loud
    • attractive Hirsch Performance design
    • reduced back pressure improves throttle response
    • longevity and easy maintenance thanks to the stainless steel design

Dealer benefits:

    • alternative offer to the standard exhaust system
    • possibility for an attractive styling of exhibition vehicles
    • meets customer demand for dual exhaust
    • Complete package (fitting, styling)

Hirsch Saab 9-5 dual exhaust

Hirsch Saab 9-5 dual exhaust

You can check out this new item and all the other Hirsch gear at the Hirsch website. Please note that Hirsch products are Saab backed and their use won’t void your Saab warranty.

The downside is that they’re not available in all markets.

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  1. Sort of off topic, but 9-5 related. In today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer special advertising section, the following comments about the new 9-5 in an article titled Overdrive – Saab 9-3 fuels speculation surprised me. Do you think he’ll get to see the new 9-5?
    Some dealers are so excited about the new model [9-3], they just can’t wait for deliveries. Jim Levine, owner and dealer principal of Shaker Saab, is heading to Sweden to test drive the new sedan.
    “We’ll be in Gothenburg, Sweden for four days,” says Levine, “and they have also hinted they may have the new 9-5 there as well, but I’m going to wait and see.”

  2. Ted, I believe he will, sort of….

    He’s going to the Saab dealer conference in Gothenburg. The 9-4x will be there and I believe it’s a lifesize mockup of the 9-5 that they’ll be seeing. Many Euro dealers have already seen it.

    The Turbo-X is there, too (aka Black Turbo).

    Good to hear a dealer talking about it.

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