New Saab Wheels

This is brilliant!

I was cleaning out my Spam mailbox on the Mac this morning when I noticed this:


Hilarious!! Someone’s actually gone to the trouble of creating a Djup Strupe email identity. That’s just fantastic, and I thank you for making my morning.

So what did the email contain? Pictures of wheels!

These are the “Double Blade” wheels and will apparently be coming to the 9-5 range:

Saab Double Blade wheels

These are the new Inca wheels (yes!!) and will apparently be coming to the 9-3 range:

Saab Inca wheels

Here’s that wood-truck SportCombi with the “alumirrors” again. Look, it’s got the Incas!!

Saab 9-3 with Incas

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  1. Did you know that the Double blades are the first 18 inches made for the 9-5 by Saab? I do not like the Incas but love the 5-spoke 18″ Claw for 9-3 and the new 18″ V-spoke for 9-3 2008 even more!

  2. I was planning to hold out for the next 9-3 as I change every 3 years but I really love that red combi and the wheels look great. The face lift looks best in wagon form.

  3. Absolutely love them, just wish I had the money to by a 2008 9-3 SC.

    SAABs need quirky looking 3 spoke rims to look good!Just think of OG 900 w superaero or ordinary aero wheels. There are no other wheel that makes that car look cool.

  4. Whoohoo!!!! Love the Incas!! Amazing! Have to get them on my 93SC definitely. This was really something for the 99/900 lovers. Great job Saab once again!!

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