Plate my car – And the winner is……

A week ago I asked people for suggestions as to the number plate should order for my new car – a 1985 Saab 900 Aero.

ElkpartsOn offer was a sensational twin-pack of 1:43 scale models. An Aero-X and an UrSaab. These were kindly donated by John at Elkparts, who I’m proud to say have been supporters of this site since day 1. Please suport Elkparts the same way they’ve supported me for the last few years. In return you’ll get great pricing on your Saab stuff, great service and lightning quick delivery

I didn’t count all of the actual suggestions, but there were 102 comments on the Plate My Car competition entry. With an allowance of 3 suggestions each, and allowing for some duplications, stupid entries from Drew and comments without entries included, I’d estimate there were around 200 suggested plates there.

The competition ended today, though effectively it was over after a few days. That’s when the most obvious suggestions were taken, though some late entries were definitely clever.

I’ve prepared a few photos for the “honorable mentions”. Unfortunately there’s only prize from Elkparts, but these we great suggestions nonetheless, as were many others.

Click on any of these to enlarge:


As suggested by ‘Bean of Joy’ – Flight 900

Saab plates

As suggested by José Galvão – I liked the Swedish reference.

Saab plate

As suggested by Peter. Turbo 16.

Saab plates

As suggested by Turbin. A play on UrSaab.

Saab plates

But there can only be one winner.

Let me take a moment to thank Steve Bunton in Melbourne for the brilliant photo. Sets it all up quite nicely. That’s Steve’s silver sled on the left (and Alex’s 9-3 Aero in the middle)

So, the winner is……

This plate was first suggested by Scott.

Saab plate

It’s combined letters and numbers to make up AERO 85, the year and type of my new 900. I liked this one best as it was complete, unabbreviated and dealt only with the car. I think it’s going to look great, so it’s been ordered and should arrive within a few weeks.

I’ll be getting in touch with Scott shortly to arrange delivery of his scale models.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and of course, thanks again to John at Elkparts for his generosity at providing the prize for my first ever competition here at Trollhattan Saab.

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  1. Great choice. I just noticed now for the first time that apparently the Aero differed from the SPG in that the SPG only had the SAAB logo and name on the back, no “900 Turbo”. It’s what they refer to as “de-badged”, but in this case that wouldn’t be accurate as it can’t be “de” if it never had it in the first place!

    Enjoy your unique plate, Swade!

  2. Yes Swade, well done securing that plate combo. The fact that you possibly have the only ’85 Aero in Tassie helps. Did you order them slimline or full-size?

  3. Got them full size, turbin. If it were for the Viggen I’d go slimline, but I think the full ones suit the older cars a little better.

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