Radical 900 loving

Why would you need to go and cut big chunks out of a beautiful Saab 900 clamshell hood?

What sort of crazy butchery is this?

Saab 900 hood

Well, it’s the sort of butchery that makes way for a great number of horses……

Saab 900 Conv

This is the work of Pearce European and Japanese Service, a Saab specialist out of Santa Cruz in California. He’s just loaded these and a bunch of other pics up onto Flickr. The guy behind all this is Chris Immel, owner operator of Pearce and a trained Saab guru. He’s got a couple of other guys working there as well, including one specialising in custom gear.

And it looks like we really went to town on this baby. If you’re in the area, check ’em out.

Saab 900 custom interior

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  1. RJ:
    Agreed. I went to the website just to investigate that. The car has the temp, oil pressure, voltage gauges just as on any car. The remaining three are air/fuel mixture, oil temp and vacuum. I could be wrong, but that’s what they look like.

  2. oh no! he has destroyed one of the rare “double-vent-hoods” :/

    Well anyway, pretty cool with racercab like that!

  3. thanks for checkin out our work!!!
    we love the classic saab spg–you will be seeing some new photos in the near future of the turbo going into the black spg—-SICK!!!!!!!
    boost or die

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