Rare Saab wheels for sale on Ebay

I don’t normally cover Ebay auctions here on the site, but occasionally something comes up that I wouldn’t want someone to miss out on if they had a need for it.

Such is the case with this set of Ronal alloy wheels, selling out of the US.

Saab Ronal Wheels

These are apparently suited to Saab 93, 95, 96 and 97 (Sonett) and are definitely pretty hard to get hold of, hence the inclusion here on the site. Even the centre caps are included and the whole kit is supposedly new-old stock. It certainly looks in very good condition from the photo.

The seller appears to be willing to send them anywhere in the world, at your expense, of course. Bidding is already up to $355 and hasn’t met reserve as I write this.

Maybe your 96 could end up looking as flash as Drew’s Souvenir edition!!

Saab 96 Souvenir


I wonder if that’s just the Sonett II they would fit? I thought the Sonett III used the same pattern as the Saab 99.

Any ideas?

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  1. eggs,
    Not surprising. New versions of these wheels are available from the UK for roughly $1500 US per 4 at current exchange rates. Probably just as good or better but not original. They can be seen in the classified section at http://www.vsaab.com, but the site seems to be down right now.
    Also, I’ve bought from this eBay seller before and he’s a good trustworthy Saab guy. Check out his other items, also rare.

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