Saab 9-3 SportCombi on video

My thanks to Bobby for linking me up with this review of the Saab 9-3 SportCombi on video.

It’s a 2007 model review, which might seem a little redundant with the 2008s on the doorstep, but there’s plenty of good deals available on the 2007 range right now as dealers clear them out to make way for the 2008, so if you’re in the market this isn’t a bad overview.

the SportCombi is definitely my pick of the bunch when it comes to current day Saabs. This review has some obvious shortomings, but they shouldn’t detract what is a pretty well-rounded look at the car, with some great winter driving shots thrown in.

They’re reviewing the 2.0T version of the car, which has been consistently rated as being possibly the best version out there at the moment in terms of a totally balanced and easy-to-drive vehicle.

Thanks Bobby!

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  1. They loved Saab’s curvaceous door handles, as do I. Too bad they’re going the way of the dodo, a decision apparently made by dodos.

  2. zippy: true, but it’s sad that they noticed the door handles and praised them when we all know that they are to be no more starting next model year. However, they also praised the simplified interior controls…

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