Saab 9-5 daylight runners?

Re-posted: I’m posting this one again as I was interested in gaining people’s thoughts on these. One shouldn’t post an article on a Sunday if gaining an appreciation for people’s thoughts is a priority.


Not photoshopped!

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Saab daylight runners

Saab daylight runners

Saab daylight runners

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  1. how did you do it (or where did you buy it….) i’ extremely interested in this app, and have looked high and low for about 9-10 mo. for this type of thing…

  2. It’s cool but I would like to see it with the fog lights on too.

    I would also like to see that model of 9-5 with the same LEDs as the new 9-3. I think it would be nice!

  3. The car is nice, but i’m not a fan of where those daylight runners are placed.

    almost gives the car a droopy face imho.

    The lights themselves are good idea, but i’m just not liking where they are. I would have perhaps put them alongisde the current lights perhaps, either on the sides, or on one of the horizontals.

  4. I like the idea of having LED running lights rather than having the headlights on all the time. They would look better in my opinion if they were just above or below the headlights though, rather than down below the bumper.

  5. i think the design is not as aesthetically pleasing as the new light bar on the 9-3 or Audi’s version of the same.

    but as a mod for an older car it’s great.

  6. I’m not impressed by a copycat thing that has no function.

    And to put it in an older model as a retro fit is so uncool 🙁

  7. Might look OK to some, but I fail to see their function. If anyone can explain what benefit they provide, other than perhaps momentarily illuminating roadkill, I’d be interested to know. Isn’t Saab ownership supposed to be all about Form and Function?


  8. I think the point is the same as the daylight runners on the new car. A bit of ‘different’ lighting to allow some awareness that you’re on the road. Don’t LEDs last a bit longer than the bulbs in your regular lights, too?

    I don’t mind them at all.

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