Saab 900 love – IDS style

The IDS program is something I know very little about and am going to have to check into. My basic understanding is that it’s now merged with military sales (i.e. sales to military personnel based overseas) and runs similar to the European Delivery Program.

Qualified customers get their Saab around 10% cheaper, can pick it up in a number of European cities and get it shipped to the US when they come back.

Robert L picked up his 1989 Saab 900 through the IDS program that was running at the time and has owned it ever since. He’s maintained it in pretty good condition, too – don’t you agree?

RL Saab 900

Robert’s story:

This 1989 Saab 900 (113K miles) was an IDS order I made from Italy sent directly to the US. It was the first year the base model had the 16V engine, sway bars, gas shocks and the Saab 9000 brakes for the US market. Center console, gauge kit and rear spoiler were options ordered from the factory. The Ronal R15 15×6.5 wheels were added four years later. I’m using high quality car covers since new (no garage here in Central Florida). I have an old DOS program called Wheelbase (advertised in “Nines” magazine in the early 1990’s) for vehicle maintenance.

RL Saab 900

RL Saab 900


This is the month of Saab 900 loving, where we celebrate one of Saab’s most loved and iconic vehicles – the Saab 900.

If you’ve got a Saab 900, or had one, then send me some pics and the story behind it to share with the rest of the known universe. Someone’s got to spread the word about how darn good these cars are and it may as well be you!

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  1. I’ve talked to people that used to be involved in the military sales, and compared with my experience in 2006, they’ve cut a lot. It used to be a several day stay, with driving courses on ice and parties and everything. They also used to charter a flight, instead of train/ferry rides.

    Instead of paying the 500 dollar delivery fee to Wuerzburg (southern Germany), I paid that and got the factory delivery option, which meant Saab shelled out for train and ferry tickets all the way up there. The ferry was overnight, so no hotel stay. We picked it up at the dealership in Trollhattan, and even the factory was closed so we couldn’t tour that. The experience is gonna be what you make of it, because Saab pretty much gets you there and back and that’s it now. They don’t have any events or anything.

    Don’t get me wrong, we loved the trip, love the Saab, and we ended up blowing off the ferry ride and taking a (expensive) trip back through Denmark just to drive it. It was just a bit of a letdown on the Saab side.

  2. I was privileged enough to take a ride in this fine piece of machinery. Lomi has done a fantastic job on taking care of his SAAB 900. I just hope the rest of the SAAB community could give just 1/10th of the dedication that Lomi has given to his baby. Yeeeeaaahhhh Maaaannnnnn

  3. In the mid-80s it used to be part of my job to drive these out to the dealerships after receipt from the importer and auto-detailing.

    To look at them you wouldn’t think they would be any where near as much fun to drive as the jags but they were. Driving them was certainly different to any other car in terms of comfort and refinement.

  4. I also have had the pleasure of being a passenger in this finely maintained vehicle. There is no doubt this car, that did not have the opportunity of being garage kept, could have retained it’s luster after all these years without the TLC of a dedicated owner. It certainly deserves to be honored on these pages.

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