Saab 900 Loving – my ex

I’m picking up a 1985 900 Aero on Friday (can’t wait!) but it’s not the first 900 I’ve owned. I haven’t written about this one much and I can’t find many photos of it (need to try another computer).

I did manage to find this one, however.

Swade 900

This was my third ever Saab and I rather foolishly sold my 99 Turbo to buy it. I was new at this whole Saab thing, OK? I actually had both of them for a while in the driveway and the day the buyer came for the 99 I was thinking to myself “Am I really selling the right car here?” Luckily, I got a chance to buy the 99 back a few years later.

But this is supposed to be about the 900.

I did buy it and the reason for that is the same reason that a lot of Saab nuts buy one: Because at some stage in your life you get to the point where you’ve just got to have one. I reached that point in 2001 and knowing little about Saabs I figured that a 900 Turbo with 5-doors and an automatic was grrrrrreat!

Well, it was and it wasn’t.

Having the autobox really didn’t set the car alight and the 5-door isn’t anywhere near as cool as the three door. It was a great color though, looked fantastic and the interior was incredibly comfortable compared to anything I’d owned before.

I held on to this one for a few years and whilst I was ready for the move when the time came, my wife was really sad when we traded it in for the 9000.

This week I get to pick up the 900 that I probably should have purchased right from the start – a 5-speed, 3-door Aero.


UPDATE: Found one more image….

Saab 900 turbo

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  1. I bet it will be nice to have that Saab-Scania logo on the steering wheel again. 🙂

    And I agree, 5-door OG900 is not as cool as the 3-door.

    Have a safe and pleasant trip!

  2. I like the color a lot…and I would have loved this car if it were mine (as I prefer 4 doors to 2, and I can’t drive stick [yet]), though the steering wheel on the wrong side would have been awkward :p

    Do ALL c900s have 3 speed autos, all the way up until ’93?

  3. WOOT! Congrats Swade! Is this the only post about your final car decision? What happened with the insurance? Sorry my internet has been out for the past few days getting seattled…

  4. This takes me back, this was one of the SAABs i used to drive to the dealerships in the mid 80s (my first job).

    I remember the detailers not having to do very much work on these, they were pretty well perfect. Very few faults.

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