Saab – an aspiring brand!

Jeff K spotted this one on the Flickr feed and handballed it to me (that’s a footy-ism for you non-Aussies).

It seems that the well-to-do in England aren’t the only aspiring Saab owners out there. This shot was snapped in Brooklyn, New York, and shows a Honda owner aspiring to drive something a little more classy.

Brilliant stuff. It won’t help his low-down torque or his safety package, but at least it’s good for a giggle.

Saab Honda

It’s not just a couple of badges on the back, either. This guy’s gone with a fill badge kit to try and complete the job.

Saab Honda

Saab Honda

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  1. Come on Swade, this is no different that those college kids that steal M-B emblems and paste them onto their VWs or the 3-series weenies that buy “M” logos for the 318’s. Just plain tacky… (not sure what that would be for an Aussie.)

    BTW BaRa: GM already does (did?) have (had’?) a setup with Honda for V-6 engines for Saturn.

  2. Wow. I dislike Hondas. They’re the BMW of Japanese cars — a little more money than they should be, but people still pay it.

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