Saab Breakfast at Frankfurt

Saab will be holding a special breakfast on September 11 (my sister’s birthday!) as part of the Frankfurt Motor Show presentations.

Black Turbo Breakfast

If that text is too small to read on that image, it says:

Welcome to the Saab stand at the Frankfurt IAA and the preview of the new Saab Turbo X. Taste the power of nature at our bio-enriching breakfast. Enjoy an energizing buffet that includes everything from biodynamic juice to the legendary Saab 900 Black Turbo.

Oh, to be in Frankfurt…..

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  1. agreed! they only have about 1/2 of the world’s population tuning in (or, uh…downloading) every week. 😉

    clarkson would bash in the interior of course, but it would come down to “it doesn’t matter. this is a blast to drive.” i bet The Stig’s track time would be pretty great, too.

  2. I’m using that image as my wallpaper, gets good comments. However, it was a little too flat for me so I added some bluish night lighting effects to the shadows with the Gimp. I uploaded it here if anyone shares my tastes (unlikely).

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