Saab classic 900 production figures

Being the month of classic 900 love, there’s a number of 900 owners checking in to see who’s got what and what the story is. One of the things I like to do during these various months of loving is spell out the production numbers as best I can. If you’ve got a 900 you can see if yours is one of the rarer years, and how many were made where yours was made.

So here we go. Production numbers were as follows:

1978 – 17,244

1979 – 52,478

1980 – 48,646

1981 – 53,011

1982 – 63,551

1983 – 78,825

1984 – 88,188

1985 – 86,707

1986 – 85,675

1987 – 83,163

1988 – 68,363

1989 – 54,035

1990 – 41,708

1991 – 34,833

1992 – 38,663

1993 – 33,577

Unfortunately the source I’m using doesn’t differentiate between hardtops and convertibles in those annual figures. I’d also have to assume that the 1994 convertibles were all manufactured in 1993.

It does, however, cover the various venues where they were made:

– 219,940 3-door models
– 123,518 4-door models
– 85,255 5-door models

– 428,713 in total

– 48,894 Convertibles
– 37,795 2-door models
– 66,754 3-door models
– 58,408 4-door models
– 75,947 5-door models

– 287,798 in total

– 57,259 3-door models
– 83,770 4-door models
– 31,502 5-door models

– 172,531 in total

– 13,946 3-door models
– 5,484 4-door models
– 338 5-door models

– 19,768 in total


I’ve just done a VIN check on my 900 Aero and it is Trollhattan tried and true. Only the third car i’ve owned personally that was manufactured there. My 99Ts and my Viggen were all made in Finland.

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  1. I didn’t know about other manufacturing facilities. I was ignorant in thinking T-hattan was the sole place for Saab’s! Have these places shut-down, or are they still pumping out motor cars?

    Is it safe to assume my MY03 9-5 and MY07 9-3 were built by real Trolls?

    (One shudders to think where my 9-2x was built. *laughs*)

  2. Nevitz13,

    They are no longer producing Saab’s. Very short history:

    Arl√∂v, Sweden – In 1939, Saab merged with a company called AB Svenska J√§rnv√§gsverkst√§derna (ASJ) – or at least the division called Aeroplanavdelning (aeroplan division – ASJA) that had factories in Link√∂ping and Arl√∂v (and maybe mother places). Hence, the production of Saab’s there. Arl√∂v is a small town just outside Malm√∂, the third biggest town in Sweden located in Sk√•ne (Scania) down south in Sweden. I guess that was before car production had to be extremely efficient…

    Malm√∂, Sweden – In late seventies, the big Swedish shipbuilders (among the biggest in the world back in those days) faced competition from the Far East, and got into trouble. Some went under, some was taken over by government. In the late eighties, it was clear that they could no longer put tax money into it so they basically shut them down. To compensate the cities, other companies got the facilities for almost nothing if they promised to start some sort of production there. In Uddevalla (north of Gothenburg) Volvo opened a plant (it’s still there, building the C70). In Malm√∂, Saab opened a plant in 1989 that was really modern. I think they stopped production in Arl√∂v at that time, but I’m not sure. But after only three years (1992) they shut it down since Saab was loosing money and GM was onboard.

    Nystad, Finland – Between 1969-2003 (together with Finnish company Valmet) .

    Mechelen, Belgium – Between 1973-1978 (Saab 99 only, I think).

    Saab has had component factories in Kristinehamn, Kramfors, Nyk√∂ping and Halden (Norway), but they were shut down or sold in 1990. Maybe they had factories in other places as well, but I’m not sure. Engines have been made in S√∂dert√§lje up until this year (correct?) and gearboxes in Gothenburg.

    9-2X and 9-7X was/is built somewhere, and they also have production in Graz, Austria (convertibles). So Saab is more than Trollh√§ttan… ūüôā

  3. The Valmet factory still makes cars in Nystad, just no more Saabs. They have contracts with Porsche and other Euro makes for convertibles.

    My ’88 900 was made there.

    My other two Saabs (1986 900S 3-door, 1993 900 SPG) were made in Trollhattan.

  4. My car was made in Trollhattan, too…but it’s not a c900 so that doesn’t really have anything to do with this :p

    I think I read here that the Nystad plant had QC issues…something like the panels didn’t fit together very well? Maybe it was just the hood that didn’t fit right…I don’t remember.

  5. I’m just saying, I read that here somewhere…I think Swade was looking at some c900s and the hoods on the Nystad cars didn’t fit very well to the car, I could be remembering this completely wrong.

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