Saab Erased

A great pickup here from Robin M….

Here are some screenshots from the Saab US section of the GM Media website this morning. Do you notice anything strange?

Here’s the list of current models (9-5 BioPower?):

Saab current models

…..and the list of historical models:

Saab Historical models

See if you can pick it before clicking through for the answer.

Yes, the 9-2x is missing!

The were zero sales of the Saab 9-2x in July 2007 and it would now seem that the model has been removed from the company’s collective consciousness.

Despite my misgivings over the 9-2x, it doesn’t deserve to removed from the annals completely. The first step to recovery is admitting you’ve done something wrong, correct? Well, the only thing that was really wrong about the 9-2x is that it was underdone. It’ll likely go down as the most reliable Saab in the modern age.

C’mon GM. Bring it back to the history pages.

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  1. It’ll likely go down as the most reliable Saab in the modern age. -Swade

    See! I told you guys! *laugh*

    If they don’t include the Saabaru, then they shouldn’t include the SaALFAb! (Alfa 164 = Saab 9000)

    Or the Trollblazer, for that matter!

    On behalf of all the Japoswedish owners that have/had Saabaru’s, I thank you, Swade, for bringing this to the forefront!

    GM, the 9-2x was a great car, and brought at least 1 new young-blood into the prestigious fold of the Saabisti! Pay it homage, don’t ignore it. If you thought it was such an abortion, then recall them all and crush them, like you did the EV-1!

  2. Yeah, I noticed that the 9-2x was missing from the current pages, but it bothered me more that the NG900 was missing from the history pages…Also, it’s odd that the Sonetts seem to be out of chronological order (if that’s really them at the bottom).

  3. Has noone noticed the fact that the 9-7 is standing as an old (not current) model?

    Maybe that means that the special aero limited edition will be the end and that the 9-6 is to be expected sooner rather than later…

  4. The out-of-view models are the Sonett (1956 topless version) and the UrSaab. I wonder what you see if you click through. Like, if you click on the 900, will you see the NG900 also? Or the newer Sonetts? I don’t have a password, so I can’t find out, and I doubt Swade would let us use his 😉
    By the way cj, I see the 9-7X in the current section too.
    I think we don’t see the 600 because it wasn’t in the USA, but neither was UrSaab.

  5. Everything’s grouped in big groups in the GM Media site. The 900 link has 900s from 1979 to 1997, so it takes in the classic and the NG model. All the Sonetts are in together as well.

    The 600 is missing completely. I think it’s truly a forgotten model, either accidentally or otherwise.

    And yes, the 9-2x is on the global site, but the point of the post was that it wasn’t on the US site, which was surprising as it’s the only market it was sold in.

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