Saab History gets classified!

Ryan over at Saab History has opened up a classified section of the website for those of you that want to sell your Saab. It’s open to all comers, worldwide, and will cost you less than a half-a-buck a day for 2 months of advertising.

For that price you can submit 3 pics and all the text you need to sell your unwanted Saab from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.

Sensibly, he’s already lined up his first client, a guy with a bunch of old Saabs, so that you can see how things work. Bookmark the page so that next time you run your car off the track and need a run-around there’ll be somewhere readily available for you to browse.


And if you’re wondering whether I’m going to follow suit and start up a classies section here, then rest your head as it ain’t going to happen. I have a few expansion ideas for TS, but selling Saabs ain’t one of ’em. If only I could get 4 extra hours in every day….

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